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How To Unblock Website /Blog URL On Facebook

Gabriel Ojeh




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How To Unblock Blog Url On Facebook And Other Social Platform

In today’s article, we will be showing you some of the ways to ensure your blog posts URL gets on Facebook and other social platforms.

There are numerous ways site owners ensure their url is been published on social medias especially Facebook after been blocked. i have attempted many myself and it worked. however a sure factor, which is approximately my sure hints is the usage of unpopular url shorteners, thats is no longer the famous ones like Bitly, twitter or LinkedIn url shortener and a few other this would be fast found out by means of fb groups and bots as it drives and leads traffic in your initial url hyperlink which as been recorded and noticed for violating facebook network standards do not forget one of the strict rules of this network standards is no spamming [ unnecessary posting or sending of one particular url or message]. Occasionally you might not have violated this however but your url is been limited, it may occur if some users file your url for a few reason of this reports comes from 8 to 15 facebook users, in addition, Facebook  will consider this to be genuine and then block your url hence you ought to be cautious and when you put up your url on any social media especially Facebook.

Like I earlier mentioned I will be show in Sim province ways that has helped bloggers and website owners unblock their URL on Facebook and other popular social medias.

How To Remove URL Restrictions On Facebook

1. You can actually petition your blog users AMD followers to write and appeal to facebook to remove the restrictions as hence the blog URL isn’t a spamming link but a genuine one which has thus helped them in ways beyond imagine with its contents. 

Thus about 10 to 15 petition written from your friends, blog users or followers will do the trick and Facebook will reconsider the blocking after receiving the appealing note. This method can be actualize through the facebook developer debuger tool

2. The Use of un popular hyperlink Shrinker’s like IS.GD and V.GD, and not the all so famous one. Now this was earlier emphasized on during the intro of this article. Well yes this will go a long way to help you out why? Due to the fact that this urls may not routinely direct traffic directly to your blocked url(s) it’ll just show your visitors the certain post you shrinked and thus must have to click on it themselves this is the reason why Facebook won’t regard it as a spam.

3. Change of Blog Domain Authority

Now this is not really best option ever though its so simple to unblock your url with this option because you will be dropping the restricted url completely, but there is no guaranty that the new domain URL won’t get blocked or restricted again cause its in fact may get blocked to eventually. Furthermore, with this option of Change of domain authority that is supposing  its domain you get to purchase a new domain extension from Bluehost or Godaddy the point is just make sure you link it and redirect it to your previous domain automatically, for those using WordPress and blogspot.

 In addition, with this option your blog seo would definitely be affected as you blog visitors and search engines  may not be able to access your website as they already know about your old address hence you will have to notify them of the change further more it will takes some time for search engines to index the new address url. 

4. Profile Link Bio URL

Using social profile link bio urls, well.. With this  a specific url will be assigned to you  and that’s the same link you will post on Facebook for Facebook traffic to click on it looks like a url carrying many urls inside of it but you will thus need to do some alteration on it and input a short description of what each url post is further talking about. Now this is  little stressful as you have to start picking the urls one after another to give a description but in the end i find it helpful anyway as it’s worth it. Some of this social profile urls you can use are LYNXBIO,  TAP LINK and some other Instagram bio links. Many of them have free plans so no need to worry. 

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