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How To Stop Google Chrome From Monitoring Your Every Activity

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 At Smarttechvilla your privacy is our utmost concern hence with the aid of this post you will be able to delete and stop Google Chrome from tracking your every move. this method is straightforward  and can be followed on any mobile OS that includes Apple.

To begin with, you will first need to ensure you have a Google app installed. For the purposes of this guide, we’ve utilized the use of Chrome app. 


How To Stop Google Chrome From Tracking Everything You Do

1. Then, upon opening the app, users will need to click on your profile picture to access their account menu. Typically, that’s found at the top-right-hand side of the UI.

2. Google will present you with your name and email address associated with the account. Under that, there’s a “Manage your Google Account” button, as compared to the link that’s utilized on desktop platforms.


3. Tap on Manage your Google Account will open a UI (user interface) for managing everything to do with that account. iOS users will see a list while Android users will see a scrollable paged UI. On iPhones, users will need to click the “Personal info & privacy” option, followed by scrolling down and tapping on the “Activity controls.”


4. Android users need to scroll to the right and tap the “Data & Personalization tab” instead. Under that tab, with a quick scroll down, Clicking on any of the subsequent links that will appear will redirect to the web version of the associated site. Then, it’s relatively easy to see, manage, or stop tracking settings precisely as is done when accessing those via a desktop Chrome platform.



There you can block, change or even delete any activity on your google account 

There’s yet another option to get to the settings

The final option, available to Android users, and much easier to navigate to, is found in that OS’s Settings app. More directly, for most Android OEMs — but not all — the Settings app contains a direct link to Google Account management. That’s tucked neatly behind a dedicated “Google” option within that app.

Upon getting to the deeper Chrome-related settings to stop tracking or see what’s been tracked simply again requires a simple click on the “Manage your Google Account” button. That’s found at the top of the page just below a user’s profile image and associated Google Account email address.

Now, that button does precisely what the above-mentioned button in any Google app does. That is, it navigates users to the same paged UI. So they’ll need to tap the “Data & personalization” tab option.

From there, the settings are organized and accessible exactly as they would be on the web version too. That means there will still be quite a bit of clicking left to do. But, as shown earlier in this guide, the UI is fairly intuitive. So it shouldn’t be too hard for users to learn how to manage the data stored by Google. Or to stop that tracking to a considerable extent.

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