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How To Split Screen On Microsoft Windows 10

Gabriel Ojeh



How To Split Screen On Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows is no doubt one of the worlds leading computing platforms available in the market today. You will see a major chunk of computing devices such a PCs/ laptops running on the Windows OS. Microsoft has updated the Windows OS with new and exclusive features numerous times over the years. Now, the Windows 10 OS is what comes along installed on new generation of laptops, and PCs. 

Among the numerous exclusive features the company has embedded on the OS 10  is the split-screen function. Just like your android devices, you can also engage in instant multitasking using the split screen Feature on windows OS.

Preciously, this suppose Feature first arrived on  Windows version 8 and since then, microsoft deemed it important and useful to carry it along to the later and recent versions. Also too, this unique feature can also be used on Windows 10. 

What does the Split screen Feature do?

Nevertheless, you can use the split-screen feature on your laptop or PC or operating on Windows 10 OS to open multiple software applications simultaneously for multitasking. I.e users on windows 10 can use more than one app currently displayed on their pc screen and it is no doubt useful for multitasking. 

Thus using this function no doubt makes it very easy to copy and transfer files from one destination to another again aids  the easy look up of queries in between of any task.

Since the launch of Windows OS  which thus has different shortcuts for apps usage, the split-screen function can also be used via shortcut keys. 

How To Use Split Screen On windows 10 OS

1~ Launch the application or software program which you wish to use in the split-screen mode.

2~Now, click on the top of the app’s title bar on the top and drag it towards the edge of the screen. You will see it pop-up on the screen separately.

3~  Immediately you release the mouse cursor other running apps would sure present itself on the opposite side of the screen.


4~ Now, choose the other app or program that you want to run alongside the previously selected window software.

Note: You can always adjust the size of both windows if you so desire. To do that, you need to bring the cursor at the center of both the running applications.

Now Resize the window size using the double-headed arrow pointer.

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