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How To Speed Up Your Android Device

Gabriel Ojeh



How To Speed Up Your  Android Smartphone Device

There are often times we become tired and inpatient of waiting for a smartphone to process a single task or open a certain menu and at such point the eagerness to change device grows more stronger but due to some setbacks and short on cash that becomes next to impossible at the moment. Well In today’s article, we will be showing you a very useful tip and a step by step method on how you can possibly speed up your Android Smartphone without any stress.

There are times you just get pissed off when your phone lags or probably takes a long time to navigate between different apps, and this becomes pretty frustrating and you will in turn start having a mind in changing the said device, not knowing this can easily be fixed by customizing your device settings in the developer mode which help to speed up your Android device when successfully done.

Additionally, this customization settings is generally recommended and safe to explore as it has been tested for years by many users as well as SmartcoreTech with great reviews  without having any side effects or worries. This settings can be carried out be users with a low end ram space as well users with a high end ram space who requires ultra flash performance from their devices.

In other, for you  to customize your device settings and thus speed up your Android, you must first become an android developer, thus to get to the developer settings, and speed up your Android device.

How To Enable Android Developer Option

Follow the steps as outlined below to enable you you  become a developer or activate the developer option on your android device.

~ Go to Android settings

~Netx, Click on About phone

~ Scroll down to build Number and Keep tapping on Build Number x7 ( you should get a notification telling you that you are now a developer).

~ Now go back to the settings page and scroll down and you should be able to see  Developer Option before About Phone.

Note: This fix has been tested and confirmed by SmartcoreTech and many other Users

How To Speed Up Your Android Device 

At this point, you are now a developer and thus can now apply the customization fix on your android device, to do this follow the steps outlined below strictly

1. After successfully becoming a developer 

Click on Developer Option and scroll down to where you see 

window animation scale

Transition animation scale

Animator duration scale

Android developer mode

2. Simply turn them off as shown in the image above and close settings that’s all

When done, you will see a great improvement in your android device performance. Please let us know how it works for you too as we will be delighted to hear from you.

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