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How To Shoot Quality Video Recording With Your Mobile Device

Philip Aladino




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Shoot Quality Video Recording With Your Mobile Device

It’s notably enough that in recent times mobile phone manufactures have been optimizing their phone production to fit in high dynamic cameras for example Apple’s iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are like etc. which have all be made it easier and more efficient for everyone to take good quality photos and videos shots with them.

However there are still other wonderful smartphone with awesome cameras on the Android line up which can also be utilized in taking wonderful and pleasant photos and video recordings. Looking out and making use of such quality smartphone camera have no doubt ease out the stress for video creators and photographers to produce excellent quality videos.

Notably there are still some little tweaks which also be inculcated alongside using a great phone camera to enhance your photo/videography experience using a mobile phone which promoted the purpose of this article. read on to find out such tweaks and activities to before starting out a photo or video shoot.

Advantages of Shooting a Photo/Videos With a smartphones

There are several pros as regards to taking a photo/videos with a smartphone device as it also juice up your experience especially for those who intend picking up video editing skill.

  • Its handy as your Phone is Always with You
  • It’s way more portable with a much larger experience look
  • Mobile Phone Cameras Are Quicker to Take Photos With
  • Sharing Mobile Phone Photos is Easy
  • The convenience of Cloud Backup from your Smartphone
  • Your Smartphone is a Multi-Purpose Device
  • Cell Phones Have Bigger Monitors
  • Edit Your Cell Phone Photos in a blink
  • Phones Can Do Things Most Cameras Cannot
  • Phone Cameras are Better for Selfies
  • Phone cameras are now equipped with high-quality cameras that can record HD and 4K videos with multiple effects and filters, making it easy to shoot professional-quality videos.

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With that noted, here are 8 exclusive practice to enhance and help you create a professional-quality videos using your smartphone:

Ensure Good Lighting

This is a very important aspect as image sensors as well as embedded lenses within a smartphone device are usually smaller than other cameras hence ensuring proper lighting will serve a great deal of difference in producing a a high dynamic video recording. Try to setup and shoot your video in the best possible location with as much natural daylight as possible. If you don’t have easy access to natural light for your video, invest in lighting equipment for shooting your videos.

Stay steady while camera is rolling

Staying still and steady while making a video recording will ensure smooth capturing with no stretches or cut. It will go a long way to avoid blurry or distorted frames thereby producing a clear video or photo output.

obtain a stabilizer

To achieve this, make sure you use both your hands to handle and hold your phone while shooting the video. If you intend shooting for a longer period of time, it’s recommended you invest and obtain a tripods and stabilizer to ensure the stability of your video as you shoot.

Quality Audio & Video

quality audio recording

Ensure to optimize for the best audio audio quality keeping in mind that low quality audio experience can go a long way in ruining your efforts on any video recording. Recent manufactured smartphones tackle this issue as they launch with highly enhanced speakers amd audio output take for example the Apple iPhone 13 smartphones comes with good in built quality microphones that will impact a whole new experience the audio quality of the video.

In addition, there are also some dynamic external mic recording gadgets you could also consider investing on to improve the audio quality of your videos.

Maintain Strict focus when recording

Newer smartphone device’s offer various method of focusing on targeted scene like digital zoom or optical zoom; but, it is recommended to use digital zoom for a better focus with quality.

Notably, if your video requires you capture some screen time while you record, consider getting a clip-on macro lenses that can fit onto your Android or iphone device.

These features go a long way to ensure a unique and smooth footage recording thus by stabilizing the camera even if your hands are shaky while holding the smartphone.

Don’t Use Your Smartphones Default camera

When making a video recording via your mobile device, its best you opt for a premium video recording app like filmic pro- If your subject is moving around and you need to cover up to shoot different subjects the default built in mobile camera app isn’t all nice for such capturing.

Set White Balance Before Recording

This is vital to Consider given that the camera apps Have it turned on automatically on some but it would help just to be sure as its enhances the colour quality of your shooting.

Shoot Horizontally and set device on Airplane

Turning your phone horizontally (to landscape mode) is the best way to record on mobile devices and also ensure to put your smartphone on airplane mode to avoid interruption from calls, text messages or social interactions.

Ensure you have good battery and a backup power source

Make sure that your phone’s battery is 100% fully charged and there is a backup power unit in case it’s about going down the drain. Additionally, make out enough storage space on your device before beginning the recordings to save the recorded videos at the end.

That’s all! I believe these are excellent practices and tips that if you inculcate them in your video production would help you achieve the best results through mobile smartphones.

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