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How To Share Andriod VPN Connection To PC

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There are times whereby we would want to share our connections with out friends and family but would be limited to do so because we are on VPN connection which we sometimes use depending on our reason either to tweak ISP Setting and thus get free access to the internet or just to change our location in order to street service or obtain services and items that are not in our location.

This article will be showing you how you can still share that internet  connection you were so eager to share but couldn’t because of your VPN connection.

Now there are so many ways in which this can be archived such as sharing our Internet while on VPN through Bluetooth tethering which we of cause know that connections shared via Bluetooth can be a pain in the neck, in the sense that its can be very slow and unstable thus not given you the expected satisfaction.

How to share internet connection via usb

The most effective way this can be done while still maintaining that satisfactory speed is via USB tethering and Wifi-Hotspot Tethering which we of cause know is not possible because we are on VPN. But it might interest you to know that with a little work around, you can be able to share VPN internet connection via USB connection or Wifi-Hotspot connection.

Before we begin, what is a VPN?

A VPN simply means “Virtual Private Network” this just as the name implies, it simply means a VPN app or settings encrypt user network such that your connection and everything about it such as your network, IP location and more stays private without leaking to the net.

How To share Android Phone VPN Connection With And Without Any Root

We are to share with you simple packed method on how to share Android phone VPN connection. In addition, these methods consist of both rooted and noon rooted Android devices whichever category you are on we got you covered.

The first method on the list is

Furthermore, whenever this VPN connection is turned on features such as internet sharing via Hotspot as well as WiFi is impossible and thus disabled which is reason for writing this article on How to tackle this issue. While on its, don’t forget to check some of the working Free Internet tweaks via some specified VPN such as The Samsung Max VPN, 24 clan VPN, DNS Changer amongst others.

PDA Net: How To Share Android Phone Internet Connection Via PDA Net

This method requires no root access, that is to say non-rooted android phones can share/ tether their VPN connection hassle-free, though, this method goes well when you want to share your VPN connection with a pc via USB Tethering, WIFI hotspot or Bluetooth, In order to accomplish this, just follow the step by step protocol below

Features of Pdanet

  • It requires no root Access
  • It  works only for tethering VPN connections to a pc
  • You will install the app both on your android phone and PC at the same time.
  • Note: Wifi tethering requires a premium account

How to share phones internet via pdanet

1. Download and install the PDA Net+ App from hereAfter successful download and installation, launch the app. 2.Again Download and Install the PDA Net.exe file for for PC here. After the download and installation, launch the system app as well. 3.Now Make Sure you Wifi-Hotspot is turned off before launching the apps on both sides. 4. After launching the app note the three features below

  • USB Tether Bluetooth Server or Tether Wifi-Hotspot

Method of Using PDAnet+ to share Android Phone VPN Connection Via USB Tethering

Usb tethering in developer mode

1. Ensure USB debugging is enabled on your Android phone. You can do this by going to Settings and then click on “Developer Options”).Note: if developer option isn’t present in phone settings, click on About Phone and next locate build number and tap on it continually 7x to activate it and then go back to settings you will find the developer option.

2. Tap and Activate the USB Tether” option for best reliability and connect your USB cable to the PC After which launch the PDA Net for PC if haven’t already done so. Now confirm that it is connected to the phone. 3. At this point, Open the PDANet+ menu from the notification bar of your Windows pc and click on Connect Internet (USB) 4. It will verify and authenticate your connection automatically and thus you will be connected to the internet via USB immediately.

How To Share Android VPN Connection with PDAnet Via WiFi Hotspot

In order To archive this Share feature,  you will need to purchase the premium Version of PDAnet, with the version you can share your VPN connection with your pc Via Wifi-Hotspot.
1. Open the PDAnet app on your phone and on following list menu presented, tick✅ Direct WiFi Hotspot
2. Next, Open The PDANet+ menu from the task operation bar of your windows PC and select Wifi from there
Note: make sure you aren’t connected to any network WiFi
3: wait for some seconds for the connection to initialize, when fully connected you can start browsing.


How To Share an Android VPN Connection Via Tethernet

Tethernet is another great app which allows its users to share VPN powered connection with another phone or pc, with tethernet, you can share this connection either via a USB tethering mode or WiFi hotspot, however, which ever means you choose to use, your device needs to be rooted for Tethernet to work swiftly,

How To Use Tethetnet

In order to be able to use this app smoothly, you will need to adhere to the instructions and guidelines as outlined below To Share an Android VPN Connection Via Tethernet. 1. Download and install Tethernet android app from here, after downloading and installing the app..
2. Launch the Tethernet app and grant it root access at this point, connect your VPN, if not connected already.
3. Switch on your mobile phone hotspot or USB tethering and head back to Tethernet app and click on share via Wifi Hotspot, for Wifi connection Or click on Share via USB tethering, to share via Bluetooth

4. Now connect the other phone, or pc to your hotspot and enjoy the connection

Features of Tethernet App

  • It does requires Root Access to run
  • it tethers your phones VPN connection
  • through wifi hotspot and USB Tethering
  • it doesn’t require the installation of theapp on both devices on like pdanet
  • it can tether your VPN connection to any device, be it smartphones or PC.

How To Share Android phone VPN Connection via DF Tethering Fix app

This app is another great tool to tether android phone VPN connection, it equally requires root access as well, with a simple user interface, the app, to share your VPN connection via this app, simply follow the instructions and guidelines as stipulated below

1. Download the DF Tethering Fix app from here, after downloading it install and run the app
2. Upon launching the app, grant it root permissions
3. Next connect your VPN, go to your phone settings under networks and enable tethering now return to DF tethering fix and Click on fix Tethering that’s all, enjoy the connection

Features of DF Tethering Fix

  • It requires root access
  • Uses no special configurations
  • it doesn’t require the installation of the app on both devices
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