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How To Setup Vpn On Android Phone Without Any App

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How to setup vpn connection on android

VPN services are one of the best reliable ways to go anonymous online and thus this service is used extensively through its own applications, but with the aid of this article you will be able to go online anonymously without the aid of the vpn app installed as you will be doing away with it. Read on know more and how this can be achieved. 

What is VPN?

This word is an abbreviation for the term Virtual Private Server or a Virtual Private Network, and this service allows you to connect to the Internet from servers in a foreign country so that you hide your identity on the Internet and the site you use or your service provider cannot know any information about your browsing activity on the Internet, it is considered one of the most powerful ways of browsing the internet from a different country or location.

Also, one of the advantages of this service is that it helps to access blocked websites and bypassing the bans that occur on websites in some countries, and this service can be enjoyed on PCs as well as Smarrphones. 

Now with the aid of this post and the settings to be related in it you can be able to private online without even installing the VPN app itself as we will be showing you how.

How To Use A VPN Service On Android And iPhone Without Any VPN App

In order to achieve kindly follow every bit of step strictly and adhere to it and in the end your Smartphone will be connected to a Virtual private server without any vpn app.

1. Go settings on your android Smartphone and locate network and Internet

How to setup vpn connection on android

2. Click on it and locate VPN, after that click on the + icon and then next click on  add new vpn connection.

How to setup vpn connection on android

3. At this point, a field where to enter vpn details will be presented to you now halt and proceed to step 4.

How to setup vpn connection for android

4. Now click here to get free open vpn servers to finish the configuration

5. Now from the PPTP section, pick any server and copy it address as well as the username and password and return back to step 3

Free openvpn settings for android and iphone

6. Enter the copied server address, Username and password then save it and click on connect.

7. It will connect successfully, after that you can Check your IP address on google. That’s all.

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