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How To Set up And Install Android 12 Developer Beta

Gabriel Ojeh




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How To Set up And Install Android 12 Developer Beta

Google has launched the first Developer Preview for Android 12 and a whole lot of humans are annoying to try it out. 

At the same time as it isn’t taken into consideration secure for every day use, when you have a spare Pixel laying around, you could use that to see what’s new. We’re still a long way out from the very last release, but these previews and later betas can tide us over.

We’ll show you the very way to get going with Android 12, with the fact that you k ow the risks right before  driving in. Meanwhile Yo

You’ll need some few requirements in order to get started, together with a computer or Mac, Pixel three/3XL and above, and a USB-C cable.

The difficult aspects of setting up Android 12 is getting everything in place and ready to go. Installing the Developer Preview is way easy and thus involves a simple command. You will be in your command prompt, PowerShell, or Terminal depending on your computer

Installation Of ADB

Before the start of anything else, you must make sure to set your pc you’ll need to make certain that your computer is ready and prepared to work  with Android. Nevertheless, We will be providing Windows and Mac command,  Linux is a much lesser procedure and relies solely on your distro.

How To Install Android 12 Beta On Android

1. Now, ensure that your Pixel is set up to receive ADB commands. Head into Settings, then move to about device. Settings, then go into About Phone. Find the Build Number section, then tap it 7 times. You will then see a toast notification that you’ve activated Developer option. Now Return back to system settings, then tap on  Advanced settings, there you will see Developer Options near the end of your screen. Tap it then Scroll down a bit until you see USB debugging. Toggle that on and tap okay.

~ Home windows: Go on to download the Android SDK platform tools zip file from Google, which you can be downloaded from here. After successfully downloading the file, Unzip the file you just downloaded to a vicinity of your preference. 

2. Then the next thing to do is to unzip the file folder, then head to the new folder where you extracted the platform-gear folder. You’ll see a gaggle of stuff there, together with ADB and Fastboot. hold SHIFT and right click on an empty space to bring up the context menu.

3. You will be presented with an  ‘Open a command window right here’ or ‘Open PowerShell window at this point.’ either is great, it might just depend upon your laptop. As soon as the command prompt or PowerShell window is open, you’ll be prepared to issue ADB instructions. 

Furthermore, to make sure you’re prepared for the following remaining steps, go ahead and connect your Smartphone to your pc via a good usb cable or cord. As soon as it’s connected and device ready, type the following command in your pc type adb devices if you’re in command prompt or type ./adb devices if you’re in PowerShell.

~ You’ll get a notification to your Pixel asking to verify that you want to authorize your computer. Tap OK and input the adb command once more. You should now see the ID key for your Pixel.


Meanwhile, for Mac users: Get the Android SDK platform gear zip file from Google, which can thus be obtained here

Then Unzip the document to a place of your choice, ideally someplace smooth to get to. Open your Terminal and navigate to wherein you extracted the platform-gear folder via using cd /path/to/folder.

That is why we endorse extracting the file to somewhere you may get to without problems, because it makes typing the listing region less difficult. Once you’re there, you’re prepared to go. To make sure which you’re equipped for the steps under, connect device to your pc via a usb cable cord, once it’s related, type ./adb devices.

~ Next, You’ll get a notification on your Pixel asking to confirm that you need to authorize your Mac. Tap OK on your device  and input the adb command once more again on your pc. You need to now see the identification key in your Pixel.

Get the Android 12 Developer Preview

Before you we can see what’s new in Android 12, we need to first install the preview manually . At the same time as Google will permit a right opt-in OTA later in Android 12’s development cycle, the the company has made the primary preview a manual download/install only.

We’ll be detailing sideloading the OTA file over ADB here, which doesn’t require wiping your device to “upgrade.” Head over to the Android developer site and select your Pixel from the listing of supported devices. Take delivery of the terms and situations, and then the OTA record will download. Do not unzip the file.

Boot Into Recovery  Mode

To flash the OTA file, you’ll need to reboot your device into recovery Mode. There are multiple steps to this. First, power off your device, then press and preserve power and volume Down on the equal time. Keep both pressed until you spot the bootloader page.

Use the extent buttons to scroll down until you notice Recovery Mode highlighted. Press the power button again to select. 

Alternatively, you can also use the command adb reboot recovery from your PC command prompt or ./adb reboot recovery from your Mac, Windows PowerShell, or Linux terminal.

Your device will reboot and you will see an Android robotic on its returned screen with a red exclamation mark. This is normal, so don’t panic. Press and keep power and volume Up on the equal time and preserve them for approximately a second or so. Release the volume Up simplest and then you will definitely will be let into the recovery menu.

Flash Using of ADB sideload

At this point, do not forget the Developer Preview zip file from earlier? It’s time to go grab that and copy into the platform-tools folder where you have the ADB and Fastboot executables. This is due to the fact that we’re going to be telling the ADB sideload command in which the document is in order for it to flash the Developer Preview to the device.

As soon as the zip file is copied over, plug in your Pixel via a USB cable if you haven’t already and head again on your command window. Now that your Pixel is connected and in recovery Mode, use the volume buttons to scroll down to Apply Updates from ADB and use the Power button to select.

Here’s the critical aspects of the whole thing. Use the command adb sideload and the filename (or ./adb sideload filename) from your Developer Preview. There are two tricks to keep you from typing out that whole big file name. Either start with the first letter, then hit TAB on your keyboard and it should autofill. Alternatively, you can rename the file to something simple, like ‘’ (without the quotes) to make typing it out much easier.

Regardless, if all has gone well, ADB should serve up the Developer Preview file to your device. It would take a couple of minutes to finish, so be patient and wait. Once it’s completed, you need to reboot from the primary Recovery Mode menu. Use Power to select Reboot now. Your Pixel will boot into the Android 12 Developer Preview. 

That’s all on how to get android 12 Beta.. kindly leave a comment down below regarding this post article we would like to hear from you if you’re going to be trying out the android 12 Installation upgrade.

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