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How To Save And Share Audiomack Music And Podcast

Gabriel Ojeh



Audiomack like its counterpart YouTube Music, Spotify and others is a popular music streaming platform that allows users to upload their audio contents like songs, podcast, and more, in order for other fellow users to gain access to it.

Audiomack is used by many people, hence it is enjoyable because it allows users access to millions of songs and other audio contents on-time, it also know for it refined sound bit system their by giving music that suitable and pleasant sound for listening.

The audiomack app has a download feature, that  enables it users to download any song they love and play from the platform for offline listening.

This is an excellent features because just like Spotify also another music streaming app loved by many you’re given access to that feature the only difference is that you have to be premium user to have access to that feature but in the case of the audiomack, its a free feature for everyone.

Therefore you don’t have to be a paid member to be able to download music from audiomack the only issue so many users are having is that music or podcast downloaded from audiomack can only be played in audiomack hence, the user will not be able to play it on other music app also present on the device. Not just that, the user will not be able to share such great songs with their friends and families Waco right!

Well today i will be showing you a way you could possiblly play that great songs elsewhere, a way you can possibly share that great song to your friends and family I took my time, and made some research about how the software works and in the end, i a way a user can actually get the suppose file of the content you download from audiomack.

Today, I’ll be showing you how to share any song  or podcasts downloaded from audiomack just follow every steps below strictly and in the end you will be able to share those grate songs to your friends and circles.

How To Save Music and Podcasts Download From Audiomack To File Manager For External Sharing 

1. Open your Audiomack app and download any desired song if you already have some downloaded, just proceed to step 2. Now For this senerio, I’ll be using “The take” by Tory Lanez ft Chris Brown just like in the picture above.

2. Click on the download button and allow the file to download

3. After successfully downloading the song,  It will show an icon like ☑️ in the front of the song, you can easily access it in the offline mode now just like the above image.


5. To be able to send or play the music using external source you have to extract the downloaded file from the Audiomack database to do this, Open your file manager and click on Phone storage just like in the picture below.

On this juncture, you have to Locate the phone storage Android folder just like in the picture below

6. Open the folder named “Android” Inside the folder, open the sub folder named “data

7.Inside the data folder, open another sub folder named “com.audiomack” just like in the picture below.

8. Once opened, locate the folder named “files” and open

9. Inside the folder, open the folder named “file” you will find several other folders locate Audiomack and open the folder Just like the below picture.

Once opened, Inside you find all the files (music and podcasts) downloaded on Audiomack app in raw data just like in picture below. Now click at the right conner of the three line on your screen and sort the files on the folder by date to be able to easily find the last file you downloaded. 

10. After sorting In my case The first one in the below image is the song I last downloaded. 

Next, mark and copy the raw file you can even cut it if so desired but its better if you copy it, hence it will still remain in Audiomack app but if choose to cut the file,, it will no longer be accessable on Audiomack app anymore hence you will not be able to play the song on offline mode anymore.

Though in my case, I choose to cut the file because I can’t be wasting memory space having the same song in two places.

Click on cut and go to download folder in the primary phone storage or better if you have an SD Card select it and paste it in the download folder or any other folder you desire.

Just like in the following image below

Paste the file in the folder.

The file will appear like the image above.

11. Now, on this juncture, you have to rename the file and include the “.mp3″ extension tag just like the below image once done save it.

Now the file will look like the following image, here you can play it on any player you want and also share the song aswell.

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