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How To Restore Lost iPhone Notes

Looking for a way to recover all your lost written notes on your iPhone?

Gabriel Ojeh



How To Restore Lost iPhone Notes
Looking for a way to recover all your lost written notes on your iPhone? (Image illustration: Google)

A lot of individuals use the iPhone’s Notes app for a variety of purposes. The Notes app is useful for making shopping lists, setting reminders, and even setting goals. As a result, it can be concerning if your iPhone notes have mysteriously vanished. After all, what if you overlook something critical?

Have your iPhone notes vanished? If this is the case, you are not alone. This is a common issue that can occur when you delete an email account or a notes folder from your device. Do you want to know how to restore notes from your iPhone? We’ll show you how to do it below.

Ways To Recover Lost iPhone Notes?

1. The Search function could be beneficial.

Before you start recovering notes, you should run a quick search in the Notes app to ensure the notes haven’t been deleted or moved to another folder. To search, open the Notes app and look for your note or a keyword near the top.

The search function searches all folders in the Notes app as well as all deleted notes. It also looks for keywords in each note to ensure that the note’s name hasn’t changed. Doing this before beginning your search for lost notes can save you a lot of time.

That’s fantastic that you found your notes. If not, it means your iPhone’s notes have vanished. Fortunately, there are options available to assist you in recovering them.

2. Check iCloud for Missing iPhone Notes

If you recently deleted an email account from your device, you may have accidentally deleted an entire folder of notes. However, this does not mean that the notes are forever lost. You may be able to recover them using the cloud.

You can check for an iCloud backup by going to the iCloud website on your desktop and signing in. After you’ve signed in, go to Notes to see if your missing notes are there. If you recently deleted a note from your iPhone, you should restore it as soon as possible. The iCloud folder takes a little longer to backup, and the note may still be there.

You can also search in iCloud, as it is possible that you will find it there rather than on your iPhone.

3. Using Your Email, You Can Recover Deleted iPhone Notes

There is one more option if you removed an email from your account, deleted some notes permanently, or can’t seem to find your missing notes in any other way. You can find copies of your notes in your email if you have an email account on your device that is linked to the Notes app.

To see if your notes and email are linked, go to Settings > Mail > Accounts. Once here, tap on your email address, and if you’re connected, you’ll see Notes enabled.

If it isn’t enabled, enable it to see if it restores the notes. You can also add previously sent emails to the Mail app and enable notes for those accounts. If you previously enabled Notes, no matter how long ago, this will restore the notes that vanished when you removed that email account from your iPhone.

Once you’ve added these accounts and enabled notes, go to the Notes app and you’ll see a folder containing your email notes. All of your previously deleted notes will be displayed here.

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