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How To Resolve “Confirm Your Phone Number” Issue On PayPal When Sending Money

Gabriel Ojeh




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How to bypass paypal phone verification



Here are some solutions to the annoying prompt “confirm your phone number” from PayPal while trying to send out payment on your PayPal account, with the aid of the few solutions we are to share on this page you will be able to send funds on your paypal account without having to confirm(verify) your phone number, read on to view the solutions to Confirm your number on paypal.

In some cases you might get the prompt to confirm your phone number while trying to send out money on your PayPal account, this prompt always pops up if you logged into your PayPal account on a different browser and tried to send out payment. Below are some possible fix to that 

Solution To “Confirm Your Number” Issue while Sending out payment on a PayPal account

1. Try editing your Phone number on your PayPal settings:

If you tried sending payment from your PayPal account and came across the phone number confirmation issue, you should cancel the payment, A possible solution to this is to go to your account settings and ensure you phone is correct and verified on the page just click on it make sure it’s correct and go back.

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Doing this in some cases solves the “confirm phone number issues” on PayPal.

2 ~Re-login to Your Paypal account:

We don’t support the Login of PayPal account anyhow in different browsers always choose one browser specifically for your PayPal login and don’t logout of it. Logging out of your paypal account and logging in with the default browser that you frequently use to access your account most times solves this issue too, since this is a measure by paypal to secure your account safe from unauthorized user access, logging in with a recognized browser will solve this problem instantly.

3~ Request Invoice from your Customer:

If any of the solutions above did not help, you might resort to bypassing the phone number verification by asking your customer to send you a paypal invoice billing you with the amount you wish to send to him.


PayPal Invoice Request

To do this, ask the customer login to his PayPal account and  click on “create invoice” below the PayPal balance section on the PayPal homepage or via the payment page then add your email, add the amount he wants you to pay(untick the shipment option) and then send it, he can as well copy the invoice link and forward it to you directly.

With the invoice you can send the funds to your friend or customer without been asked to confirm your phone number, note, however that invoices can only be used to make GNS payments, so if you proposed making FNF(personal payment) the invoice bypass method will not work for that.

That’s all on how to bypass the phone number verification issue on paypal.

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