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How To Reset The Windows 10 Settings App

Looking for a way to reset windows 10 default apps?

Gabriel Ojeh



The Windows Settings app serves as a central hub for customising your operating system. You can change the system settings, manage user accounts, improve your privacy, connect your phone to a PC, change the language, time, network, and internet settings, and even update or secure your operating system from here.

To give your system a fresh start, you may need to roll back all of the changes you’ve made in the Settings app. You can accomplish this by following a few simple steps to reset the Settings app.

When and how is it necessary to reset the settings app?

When you run into a hardware or software problem that won’t go away even after you’ve tried every available fix, a reset of the Settings app can be your last resort.

All customizations you’ve made in the app to this point will be erased, and your device’s settings will be reset to their defaults. Your preferences and login information will be completely erased as well.

Nonetheless, if nothing else works, it has a good chance of resolving your current problem. It does, however, come at a cost.

How to Reset the Windows 10 Settings App

Follow these steps to reset the Settings app in Windows 10:

1, Navigate to the Windows search bar then Type Preferences

3, Navigate to App settings by left-clicking on the Settings app icon in the search preview.

4, Scroll down to the Reset option.

5, Click Reset in the warning pop-up.

This is the most simple way possible to reset the default executing apps on your Windows 10 PC. If you have any further enquiry or questions you can leave a comment down below for a response.

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