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How to Remove Ads From Android Apps With Lucky Patcher

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How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

In todays post, we will be showing you how you can possibly remove or reduce the interruption of app ads while you are using such apps or while your data is on this can not only give the freedom of usage without interruption but can also save your data consumption to an extent.

Tired of boring ads in your applications? Well it is possible to remove these ads from any application or game you want! As to an extent these ads are becoming much and thus frustrating in a way. in as much as its a way for the developers to earn some income but at the same time its at the users cost as its consumes some amount  of data from our subscription, especially the video ads.  To achieve this  all you need is a small tool for Android called Lucky Patcher. It is very easy to use app tool. now what this app does is to block the app ads receiver within the app script.

How to Block Ads With Lucky Patcher:

Step 1: Click here to download and install Lucky Patcher APK

Step 2: Launch the app and select the the exact app you want to remove ad feature from For example, we will remove ads from a popular application “Music Player App” as you can see in the following image, Now it’s time to remove that ad!


How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

Step 3: Upon selecting the desired app, You will be presented with a menu, select  “Menu of patches” to continue. 

How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

After that click on “Create Modified Apk file” you will be presented with a menu  with different options, 

How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

Step 4: Again you will see another menu. Click on “Remove Google ads” to continue as shown in the image below.

How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

Step 5: In the following menu to be presented, you will find a list options to remove ads, among which is a choice to remove the ads completely thus to zero or leave the ads but yet reduce it to almost nothing (in this case the ads will still be active on the app but will thus show less and infrequent)  All you need to do is  to select any of the option and press the “Apply” button.

How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

Note: Select any option from the above presented image 

Step 6: Now wait for Lucky Patcher to finalize the app patching, after which you will see a success notification and list of items lucky patcher was able to resolve for you.

How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

Step 7: After the presented image above, click on go to file Now you will have to uninstall the original installed app and install the new one from lucky patcher and that’s it as shown below.

How to remove Ads from apps with lucky patcher

That’s it! We have successfully resolved the ads issue with lucky patcher. kindly leave a comment down below in the comment box if you find this post helpful, again please share via any of the social share icons down below. If you encounter any difficulty while using the lucky patcher app for response.

Note: Lucky Patcher can also be used to bypass in app purchases as well but with great difficulty, furthermore, lucky patcher can not patch some of the apps on playstore due to the fast that some of this apps are splits apk apps nevertheless if it cant carry out such task, it will notify you. Again some of the apps patched may misbehave or malfunction due to the version and system of the device. all you need do if this happens try a different method of ads patch by instead of removing the ads completely, you can thus minimize it to almost nothing this also can go a long way in reducing the ads pop up and can be actualize in the final menu presented to you on the Lucky patcher final phase in step 5

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