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How To Receive International Money Transfer In Nigeria

Philip Aladino




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How To Receive International Money Transfers In Nigeria

Sending and receiving of money is a daily, weekly and at times monthly base activity carried out by people, both locally and internationally including cross borders.

Nigerians and foreigners abroad the US and UK often transfer money to their friends and relatives in Nigeria, also too there are other business individuals who need to receive monetary payments for their business activities and services from customers and client outside the country Nigeria. Notably, these set of people will require a means of receiving the expected fund.

In this article I will be guiding you through various possible means you can go about receiving international funds globally in Nigeria given that numerious number of people in the country don’t about this and hence often ask the question “How to receive money sent from abroad?”

This article discusses various methods of receiving money sent to you from out side countries such as United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), India, Europe, Kenya, Philippines, UAE, Malaysia, Germany, Dubai, Indonesia, London, Jamaica, China, Pakistan, , Cameroun, Ghana, Singapore, Russia, Qatar, Namibia, Mexico, London, Kuwait, Japan, Iran, Egypt, South Africa, Uganda, Canada, etc; basically all countries in the world.

The methods and organizational body’s allows you to receive the money sent to you from abroad directly into your bank account in Nigeria and can withdraw it in either the foreign currency sent i.e Dollars, Pounds, or decide to change it via the Bureau De Change operators or to collect the cash Naira equivalent from the bank at the official Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN exchange rate.

How To Receive Money Sent From US, UK, Cad and Other Foreign Countries Into Your Bank Account.

Western Union Money Transfer


You can use the Western Union Money Transfer Method. This is how to receive money sent to you from any foreign countries to Nigeria through Western union money transfer.

Notably, all commercial banks in Nigeria e.g. GTBank, First Bank, Union Bank, UBA, Access-Diamond Bank, etc provide this money services for both Inbound and Outbound money sending i.e. sending money abroad and receiving money to Nigeria.

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To receive money through Western Union in any bank in Nigeria, you will be required to instruct the Sender abroad to send the money to you through the Western Union transfer service in the country he or she is residing, then you can visit any commercial bank in Nigeria go to receive the money, and cash the money in Nigeria.

However, in other to successfully cash the recived fund the bank will require you to provide the following document.

  • A valid Means of identification limited to either International Passport, Driver’s License, Permanent Voters card or National Identity Card
  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) which would be provided to you by the sender
  • The amount you are expecting in Naira equivalent
  • Your name, phone numbers and address.
  • The Sender’s name and country and city

Note in some cases you may maybe required to answer a test question and these Info must be provided correctcorrectly, the question and its answer is usually given by the sender.

After satisfying all conditions, you can then request for your fund to be transfered to your desired bank account.

The current maximum amount you can receive through western union in Nigeria is 5,000 US Dollars per sender.


2 Quickteller

This another means to receive funds transfer from abroad. With Quickteller you can also use Western Union personally and withdraw you sent fund directly to your Nigerian bank account.

To use Quickteller, kindly follow the steps below

  1. To use Quickteller you will need to have a Quickteller account. If you are yet to have one, visit, and sign up for an account but if you alreadt have a Quickteller account, simply log in to your account.
  2. Now upon logging in to Quickteller, select the ‘Send and Receive Money option’
  3. Select ‘Western Union’ option
  4. Choose your bank i.e Diamond Bank, First Bank, GTBank, etc
  5. Choose Naira as your currency
  6. Select ‘Receive money now’, a new page will open
  7. Enter the details asked for on the new Receive money page, the details include the Sender’s country, Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), Receiving account Number i.e. your account number, Your account type, the amount you are receiving, etc.
  8. When you are done filling the form, select ‘Continue’ and confirm your details.

Notice!! All money sent through Western Union can only be received with Western Union and in Naira currency.

Western Union Tracking in Nigeria

To learn how to track money sent through Western Union transfer to Nigeria, visit How to use Western Union tracking page.


A domiciliary account is a locally (Nigerian) based account which is denominated in foreign currency, it allows you to deposit and withdraw foreign currency such as US Dollars, Great British Pounds (GBP) and Euro.

Using a domiciliary is another easiest way of sending and receiving funds from foreign countries in Nigeria.

In other to utilize this other means of receiving of money from abroad you will need to have domiciliary account under your name or use someone else’s own.

How To Open A Domicilary Account In Nigeria

To open a domiciliary account in Nigeria, you need to visit any of the commercial banks in the country to request for an opening form. You can visit banks like GTBank, First Bank, Stanbic IBTC, UBA, Wema etc.

Requirement for Opening a Domicilary Account

The requirement for Opening a Domicilary Account for each bank differs hence you will have to visit the bank of interest and inquire about it’s account opening requirements, Though among the requirement for a Dom account is a REFEREE. You will need to provide at least two referees who have non-salary current accounts over six months old to open the account.

Additionally some banks have a minimum 100 US Dollar account opening fee except for GTBank which is free.

Once your account is opened, you need to activate it by depositing 100 dollars, once the account is activated, you can receive payment from abroad to your account and withdraw it in foreign currency.

MoneyGram Transfers

MoneyGram International money Transfer

The use of MoneyGram is the No. 4 on the list. To receive money sent to you from other countries in Nigeria through MoneyGram money service, simply visit any commercial bank in the country offering the service, such banks includes the likes of United Bank for Africa, Ecobank and First Bank. Though UBA Moneygram is the most popular.

How To Receive Funds Sent From Abroad Through UBA Moneygram

  1. You need to visit any UBA bank branch and tell the customer service officer you want to receive money through UBA MoneyGram.
  2. A form will be issued to you to fill asking for information such as
  3. The 8 digit transaction reference number – to be given to you by the sender.
  4. Name of sender and country where he is sending the money from
  5. Your name, phone number and address
  6. Test question and the answer – to be given to you by the money sender.

Once you complete all requirements, the money will be sent to your account.

How To Track Moneygram Funds in Nigeria

All funds sent through Moneygram to Nigeria can be tracked in any UBA bank branch.


5. PayPal

PayPal money Transfer system is another good, fast and secure way to receive money from any foreign country. Though Paypal doesn’t allow Nigerians receive money through it system only to send but with a work around which does work 100 percent you can.

How To Receive Money through PayPal in Nigeria

• Use someone who has a Paypal account in Nigeria which can receive funds. In this case you use a friends or relatives PayPal account that can send as well receive fund in Nigeria to receive your expected money or Open a PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria for yourself.

• Open a Paypal account using another country instead of Nigeria.

Payoneer payment service


You can also use the likes of Payoneer to receive funds from other countries. PAYONEER is an international electronic payment platform like Paypal and they also issues debit card which can be used to withdraw and spend money in the payoneer account. The service is quite popular around the world because of its flexibility as it can be used anywhere in the world.

The platform processes online international payments with ease and money received can be withdrawn directly Into your bank account with or without a Payoneer Card.

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How To Receive Money With Payoneer In Nigeria

To receive money with Payoneer in Nigeria, simply register for an account on through here, you will be issued a bank account number which you can use to receive money from abroad.

You will then use the “Withdraw to Bank” service which allows you to add any Nigerian bank account details to withdraw your money. In addition you will be sent a Payoneer MasterCard which can also be used to withdraw the money sent to you anywhere.

Payoneer payment service has quite a series of benefits including:

Fast service: Your funds are made available in 1-3 business days

Low cost: It is free to withdraw and the exchange rates provided are competitive

Local and Easy: The transfers are made locally through a bank in your country and easily as you only need to setup your account once.

7. Receive Money Through Worldremit

WorldRemit is yet another way to receive money sent to Nigeria from foreign countries, the transfer service has been in Nigeria since 2011 and offers low-cost instant bank deposits to any bank account in Nigeria.


How To Send money to Nigeria through World Remit

The process of sending money through WorldRemit is quite easy; Visit

Select the country you want to send money to i.e. Nigeria in this case.

Select how you want the recipient to receive the money.

Type the amount you want to send

World Remit’s fees and exchange rates will be listed on the page

Add the receiver’s details

Send the money to any available method you prefer

A successful payment SMS notification message and an email will be sent to you and the receiver.

The receiver can receive the money through Bank deposit, Cash pickup at World Remit agent offices in Nigeria, Mobile Money and Mobile Airtime top-up.

There are other ways to receive money sent from foreign countries in Nigeria which are also not listed here you can add yours down in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family to help them receive international fund transfers.

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