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How to Prevent App Store From Requesting for Password on iPad

Here is a simple way to Prevent App Store From Requesting for Password on iPad

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How to Prevent App Store From Requesting for Password on iPad

How to Prevent App Store From Requesting for Password on iPad | image by Philip Dino (Smarttechvillas)

The iPad is a multifunctional family gadget. You might occasionally need to give your spouse, siblings, or cousin access to your iPad.

And it can be annoying if they continually requesting your password or FaceID in order to download an app or game from the App Store.

Here’s how to disable password if you’re seeking for a permanent fix to stop the App Store from requesting your password each time you want to install an app. But first, let’s examine the underlying reason and any potential side effects.

Why The App Store Constantly Requests For Face ID, Password or Touch ID Before Downloading An App

This has an easy solution. Apple wants you to have total control over your iPad, and only you because it can be advantageous in some situations. For instance, if you lend your child your iPad, he can unintentionally buy something expensive from the App Store.

But let’s look at how to disable this if you don’t have children in your home and want your iPad to be easily available to others.

Note that while FaceID, Password or TouchID may be turned off for free downloads, they cannot be turned off for purchases on App Store. Because it is constrained for your own safety by iPadOS itself.

How To Turn off Face ID, Password Or TouchID On App Store

  1. Swipe up on the screen to access the iPad home screen. Slide left to access the App Library. To access it, tap on Settings.
  2. In the Settings, select your Apple ID, then select Media & Purchases.
  3. On your screen, a pop-up will be displayed to you then select Password Settings.
  4. You will be diverted to the require password page . You’ll find the toggle next to free downloads side now, turn it off.
  5. Once you have successfully entered your Apple ID password, you will be taken to the Require Password screen.
  6. The toggle next to “Free downloads” will be already turned off. This indicates that we were successful in disabling the App Store from persistently requesting Face ID, Password or Touch ID for unrestricted downloads.


1. Can I reactivate the App Store password?

You can, indeed. In other for you to be able to do that just toggle the switch next to free downloads on by returning to the Require Password page using the instructions indicated above.

2. When might the App Store request a password?

Either way. It will request Face ID, Password or Touch ID for verification if it is a paid purchase. Additionally, if it’s a free download, you won’t be bothered.

3. Will it have an impact on my App Store in-app purchases?

Absolutely not. Every time you or someone else tries to make an in-app purchase, the app will prompt you to confirm the payment. The in-app purchases are always secured by your specific Face ID, Touch ID, or password.


Security has become a crucial component of our online identity. Therefore, you should turn on the require password toggle for free downloads as well to protect yourself against unintended purchases and device misuse.

However, you can immediately change this in settings if you wish to stop the App Store from requesting your password for all apps downloaded for free.

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