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How to Preserve Your Computer Battery Health

Here are simple but working tips to help preserve and extend the life cycle of your computer battery

Ediomo Effiong



How to extend pc battery life

Most computer users regrets the fact that they didn’t know that their actions were killing and destroying their computer health especially it’s battery which will cost a lpt and can’t be repaired without a total replacement of the battery. Well, in this article, we’ll be looking at few but important steps in preserving the health of your computer battery.

1. Enable the power saving feature

Enabling the power saving feature will surely improve your battery health by preventing unnecessary and frequent charging of the computer battery which could be detrimental to the health of your PC. This feature works best when you use apps that don’t consume much battery unlike game apps, video editing apps etc.

2. Avoid frequent charging

Well, it’s pretty much dangerous to charge your computer all the time when you aren’t using it but it’s quite safe to leave it plugged in while on usage.

3. Don’t over-use your laptop

Over using your laptop could make the battery weak and make it die before you even start enjoying it. Your laptop should be given time to rest at least 8 hours a day.

4. Switch it off when not in use

Always remember to switch off your computer when it is not in use to prevent unnessary drainage of its battery.

5. Avoid over heating of the system

If your computer gets hot all the time, your battery will get weaker on time so it’s necessary to make sure the Fan of the system is working well and use your system or laptop in a cool environment.

  1. Turn off WiFi or Bluetooth  when it is not in use.

  2. Reduce the screen contrast (brightness) when you can or at night, you could also make use of the night mode available in Windows 10 Version 20H2 and above when necessary.

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