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How To Post Notes On Instagram

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Instagram Limits Users

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Instagram has been active, rolling out new features frequently. The release of numerous new features one after another confused end users and made it challenging for them to keep track of them all. The Instagram Reels and others. Let’s discuss how to these new notes features on Instagram.

Notes appear on the DMs tab and are essentially an Instagram story in text format. Additionally, anything you post there will be available to the chosen audience for 24 hours.

You may creatively use this note to share some fast information with someone close to you, for instance. They should always be able to quickly glance at your note whenever they open their DM page thanks to the notes hovering on top of all of their messages. We have talked bout how the notes works, now let’s go through how to upload notes to Instagram. simply follow the steps below;

How to Publish a Note on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app either on your iPhone or Android device in other to start posting notes.
  2. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the Messenger icon.
  3. Your profile image and note will be located immediately below the search bar once you land on the DMs page. To send a note, click on your profile image.
  4. A new page will be displayed to you, telling you on the screen’s top edge to leave a note on something down.
  5. Enter a note in the text box, choose an audience, and click Share. And the audience you chose will be able to view your note.
  6. Your note will be visible on the DMs page.
  7. Click on your profile image once more if you want to delete or add to your note.

You can currently only share a note on Instagram with people you follow back or who are close to you.

There are two choices available: either you leave a note or delete the note. Tap on any of them to continue editing the notes as necessary.

From the DMs page, you can also click on someone else’s note and reply to it. The same also applies to other users who tap on your note.


1. Can I disable Instagram Notes?

No, you can’t currently turn off Instagram Notes. Maybe in future updates, Instagram will permit this.

2. What happens to the earlier note whenever a new note is added?

The previous note is automatically removed when you add a new one.

3. How long is a note going to be viewable on Instagram?

Instagram Notes, as previously mentioned, are only viewable for 24 hours, exactly like stories.

4. Can someone’s else Instagram note be muted?

You can. Just open the DMs page, then long-press on the note from that person. It will display a note-muting choice for you. You can now go on by tapping on mute notes.


Multiple features are being tested before officially rolled out to all Instagram users. Notes may become popular and become the newest trend on Instagram, or it may be scrapped in the future. But in as much as it exists, it’s good to make use of it to its full potential.

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