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How To Monetize Your WhatsApp Messenger And Earn Really Good Income

Gabriel Ojeh



Infrographic on how to earn money with whatsapp

In this modern era almost every single human being on this planet now has a smartphone yes of course unless for less privileged due to one financial crises or the other but still more than 80% of the worlds population are using the social media  now especially WhatsApp Messenger which is our priority today we will be elaborating on.

In this article I will be pointing out 4 effective ways you could earn online, not just earning online how you’re going to that whilst doing that which you do everyday texting via the WhatsApp Messenger.

As we know it and many will agree with me that a smartphone is equivalent to mobile office thus you have no business being broke owning one because with it, you have access to vas majority of social media out there but perhaps narrow our view to the three most popular social media platform with over 90 percent of individuals using it and thus each individuals might have at least two accounts which is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

These social media platforms has long since gone beyond just serving our social needs but also serving as a strong means of conducting our businesses as we know it. Facebook and Instagram are perfect for targeted ads. Twitter is used for building brands and influences further more WhatsApp now is the bridge building contacts.

Your network is your net worth. I will give a run-down of different means of turning your WhatsApp into a money bringer.

Ways To Make Money Via WhatsApp Messenger

1. Sales of Digital Products And Marketing 

It might interest you to know that These are products that are not physical, hence it can’t be touched. In addition, there are Ebooks and E-Courses you could possible offer if you have a strong knowledge of anything. That is to say you can quickly write out content using ms word (Microsoft Word) or any word processing software about a particular topic you know or feel is widely researched on today and convert it to a pdf (Portable Document File).

Ebooks: An electronic book, also known as  eBook, this is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, thus readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. I.e:  How To Get A Girl To Kiss You On The First Date this is far one of the most trending topic researched upon on google today. Or another How Or Ways To Earn Money Online  these are great topic but you could still do your own research and write on em. A better tool to help out with your research Is Using Google Trend as well as YouTube Search.

Upon completing your Ebooks you could market and sell it on WhatsApp, by doing an advertisement on your status and whoever makes payment of, let’s say 1k gets the book. Imaging having a great contact list, you’re sure of at least three sales daily just from WhatsApp. These methods can also be applied on Facebook and as well other social platforms you may have. 

2. E-Courses:

We are still working with our How To Earn Money Online From Home strategy, You can set up a WhatsApp group, bring people in and teach them the exact strategies you already know they can deploy in earning online which might go a long way to help them thus selling this training for as low as 1k. Imaging getting a hit of fifty subscribers, that’s cool 50k and you did nothing much than to just sell your knowledge I know a friend who make lots of money by running training courses about Forex trading via WhatsApp and Telegram and he is earning big time from it.

3. Status Advertisement

You can build your Contact list and run paid advertisements on your status for businesses. Imaging charging a business 5k to 10k to advertise for them on your WhatsApp status, on that note what if you could get about two to three ads daily or weekly depending how popular you are. That’s daily 20k coming from your WhatsApp alone. I also know a friend on twitter and WhatsApp with so much popularity that she runs paid give away promo on a daily base for businesses and individuals and in turn earn from it.

If you have at least a thousand contacts on your phone and you have 50% of that viewing your status, that means your status gets to 500 views just like mine. You can easily advertise products and offers for people on your status and get paid for the ad.

4. Apps And Website Affiliate Marketing 

You can do affiliate marketing for newly launched apps on the app store they in turn pay you with whatever it is they are using to affiliate their app or website.

What more the best thing is that, you can run as high as ten ads a day. If you commit to course all you need do is to work on building your contact list first.

Kindly share this article and leave a comment in the comment box if you need help in anyway on how you can start monetizing your WhatsApp Messenger, Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

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