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How To Monetize a Blog

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

How To Monetize a Blog

As a blogger or want be blogger, the thought of running a blog is an excellent manner to teach others, strengthens your connection with people and thus show your expertise and potential. But make no mistake: it may also be an outstanding way to make cash, both as an aspect hustle or a complete-time career. 

In this article, we will be elaborating 4 approaches/ways you can possibly monetize your blog and make tons of cash as a tech blogger or a blogger in any other niche out side tech. Nevertheless months back we also published a similar post like this on  how to monetize your WhatsApp messenger App or any other social app you might be using feel free to check out that article post here

On the aspect of monetizing your blog or making tons of cash out of your blog regardless the niche, the first manner of approach we will be showing you today is: 

1. Internet Monetization

Net monetization is the procedure of creating revenue from the site visitors coming to your blog. Hence, the higher the site visitors on your blog, the higher the money you make.

Internet monetization may be very clean to installation (all you want is a tag), simple to apply, and most importantly, ensures the traffic equals the fee (your first-class content material is rewarded). I consider web monetization an extraordinary choice for people who do not like including advertisements to their blogs. In case you are one of those kind of people, net monetization is precisely what you want.

2. Advertising

It might interest you to know that adding paid commercial ads on your blog is one of the most popular effective way to make money via a blog. Especially with a blog with thousands of followers. Still some it’s crucial to note that a few developers dislike blogs with advertisements, specially when the ads has nothing to do with their niche in our case tech niche or any niche at all. However here are some some pretty premium advertising company you could possibly try out. They serve the right ads at the right amount inline with your niche

Adsense and Media.Net: if you need to feature premium based ads on your blog, don’t hesitate to sign up for Adsense or due to the fact they offer the simplest display that matches your niche or blog in our case, tech-associated content. This thus guarantees that your readers see advertisements that is probably useful to them and could no longer be forced to depart your blog.

– Another method under advertising is the use of affiliate marketing or ads which thus includes the utilization of affiliate hyperlinks in your articles

When you promote affiliate links on your blog, you get paid for unique sales or per click depending on the company but note while using affiliate marketing hyperlink you need to sign up for affiliate ads with company’s that offer the same nice related content as your blog. For instance Amazon Associate, Bluehost and CJ (Commission Junction) are a great ideal choice for tech blogs. One way of achieving this is by attracting the right visitors who share the same interests with you.

How to monetize a blog

3. Writing Paid Articles

As a blogger regardless the niche, you can possibly make cash via writing paid articles on a enterprise’s blog or your own blog. Let’s elaborate more on both approaches: 

~1 Paid network writing applications: Companies and communities pay developers between $100 to $2000 to write technical articles for their blogs meanwhile, It is important to note that these companies will only accept you as a writer if you show them you have prior experience as a tech blogger or a blogger on any niche. In our line of blog tech blog here’s a choice of one of the top paying network writing programs for builders.

~2 Sponsored Articles: Now aside from paid network writing packages, you can also be asked by a company or agency to publish an article about them on your personal weblog. For example, if are always writing content about how to make money online, approximately a company or, agency that offers such service might contact and offer to pay you to compose a piece of article about them and their services on your blog. 

How To Monetize a Blog through crowd funding

4. Crowd Funding

 Visitors can love your content a lot that they decide to aid you financially for creating such insightful and excellent content with structures like Patreon or buy Me a coffee is a great platform to help you collect crowd funds donation to your blog. In order to be able to achieve this, you must publish meaningful and in sighting contents by following the guidelines below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

~ Write insightful articles: This is an essential aspect due to the fact visitors and followers would want to isolate your blog as enriching and useful useful enough in order to support you.

~Write continually: It may not be ideal to publish one or two article and decide to ask for community funding as no one would listen to you. While you write continually, you earn assist and trust from your circle of network. You can thus integrate Paypal and Skrill business into your blog to collect crowd donations from your readers. You can possibly still integrate patreon or buy me a coffee too.

That is all on how to monetize and earn from your blogging passion or career hence now, whether you might be publishing article posts for passion or anything, you can possibly make money concurrently out of it.

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