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How To Make massive Income of N2k Up to N6k Daily On Opera News Hub

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

In today’s article I will be showing you a means you could turn a dream or that skill of yours into a reality and earn massive money from it using Opera News Hub.
Content Highlighted in this Article

  • How to make N2k Upto N5k daily just by working from home on Opera News Hub.
  • The secret on how to make money with Opera News Hub
  • How to sign up/register on Opera News Hub 
  • How to write engaging article
  • The costs of each clicks and engagement on Opera News Hub
  • How to calculate your earnings on opera News Hub.
Opera News Hub is an online editorial platform focused on empowering local content creation. it also empowers publishers to turn their creative passion into a thriving earning career. 
Let’s say you’re not a publisher or blogger, do you have content written skills? If yes you could utilize this skill and earn massive income from Opera News Hub and if not you could also learn content written as well it doesn’t take much efforts to learn and the result could be really thrilling. Hence, you could start blogging and become a blogger, you could add it up to your Resume (CV) when applying for a Job or you could Just post article on Opera News Hub and earning massive money from it even without owning a blog or website or you could build a Facebook page inform of a blog and post content article and in time as well monitize the page. There are so many benefits to Content writing skill.
One good thing about Opera News Hub is that it is similar to Google Adsesne and other Ads Company out there that pay you for written great article which drives views to open it and perhaps even read it.
Without wasting much time let’s head on 
How To Sign up/Create Opera News Account.
STEP 1: CLICK Here to sign up on Opera News Hub.
Step 2: On the next page, you will be presented two options to Login via Google (Gmail) or via Facebook. As seen in the image above, you can use either of them, but here we will be using Facebook.
Click Continue with Facebook, you be redirected to another page where you will be required to input your Facebook username and password to login.
Once Logged in via Facebook, the following page is all about confirming your login information and registering your details on Opera News.
Note the following three stages have to be observed and entered correctly:
Login Account Confirmation

Account Information

Author Information
STEP 3: Confirm login account
What you have to confirm here includes your login account Photo, Username and Country. As seen in the image below.
You can choose to change the country if you will but note before changing the country you must have a valid id issued to you from the new country you are changing to for verification.
Once your done click confirm.
STEP 4: Add Account Information
Your account information has to be entered correctly 
This includes your Opera News:
Username. The username can be anything it is what will be displaying each time you publish an article on Opera News Hub
Category you want to focus on (Politics, Public Safety, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Relationship and Parentin, Technology etc.)
Your profile picture. Picture that will be displaying alongside your username each time you publish an article
Biography: A brief description about your content or articles
Note: Just use a simple username, select an interesting category for your publications on Opera News, upload your picture and comport yourself while writing your biography.
STEP 5: Add Author Information: This is your information to like your name, email and phone number including valid means of identification etc to be entered correctly hence it will be verified and also subject to review
Step 6: Opera News Hub signup: Enter your Opay registered Phone number hence thats where they will be paying you. If you haven’t registered on Opay yet  halt at this juncture then head on to download the Opay app from your app store and sign up on the app with your phone number to create an Opay account with your phone number when done you can return back and enter the phone number in the Opera News Hub.
If you have already registered on Opay App just enter the number you used in registering
Next, At the referral code box enter the following code OAMPYNO.
Note all entered information should be correct thus is through it you will be able to withdraw your earnings.
Once the form is completed and submitted it is to be reviewed for further confirmation, though you will be redirected to your dashboard but you won’t be able to post anything at the moment until after the confirmation/ sign up approval.
 The approval takes around 24-48 hours so just sit tight.
How To Write An Article
Immediately your account has been fully activated, you can now create your post by going to the dashboard, on the main page of the board, you will see Article. Beneath the “Article” is where you’re going to write your  article or post.
You only have to write a short content within 250 – 500 words and then publish it. The more content you create and publish the more your chance of earning increases.
Before you start writing your first post, there are some important tools in the dashboard, which you need to know their functions.
The field numbered as “2” is where the title of your article will be and the one numbered as “3” is where you are to add the body of the content.
Step 1: Click on “2” to enter your post title.
Step 2: Click the text area (3) to begin writing your post.
You can as well use the “H2” in the body of your post to add subheadings to the post.
When you’re through with your article, scroll down to finalize your post.
Complete all the tasks as found in the image above before you publish your post.
How To Get Your Content Approve immediately
You have to bare in mind that not every article or posts are eligible on the Platform. (Copy and paste) content will be ban and perhaps your account as well hence don’t be tempted to try that.
However, do not use titles that has the following phrases:
Twitter goes wild

Those words are regarded as click-bait. i.e it is luring readers to click on them.
How Much Does Opera News Hub Pay For An Article
Below are the breakdowns of How much opera news hub you earn per click for each article published on Opera News Hub
1 Click traffic will get you bonus of ₦0.036
100 clicks traffic will get you bonus of ₦3.6
1,000 clicks traffic will get you bonus of 36₦
10,000 clicks traffic = bonus of ₦360
25,000 clicks traffic = 2.5 * 360 = ₦ 900
Hence, since the opera news hub has a lot of traffic, it’s a lots more easy to get more than 10,000 clicks in a few hours.
Additionally, you also get paid for posts shared and comments aswell.

The article with more engagements upto 100 will be qualified for the engagement bonus gramt which is ₦ 1800/100 engagement.

Note if your article engagement bonus is lesser than this, you will not be eligible for the bonus. However, every content with over 100 is eligible.

I.e 350 engagements, will get 3.5 * 1800 = ₦ 6300 as an engagement bonus you see now!

The opera news hub is really the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria and every other country that is eligible for Opera News, this is because you can continue earning money from the previous work you’ve already done even for a long period time.
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Gabriel is a content creator, A story writer, a poet and he loves writing Puns too. He has written articles for various prestigious sites. He is a freelancer, a hardworking one at that. To reach him: [email protected]

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