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How To Make a Phone Call With Apple Watch

Here is how to make a phone call with Apple WearOS Watch Series

Gabriel Ojeh




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Apple watch series

The iPhone Smart watch can, indeed, make and receive phone calls. However, you may be unaware that the Apple Watch can assist you in maintaining just a phone call away from anyone you require.

We’ll go over what you’ll need and how to use your Apple Watch to make phone calls.

What You Will Need to Call Someone on an Apple Watch

The ability to make and receive phone calls on your Apple Watch is dependent on a number of factors.

All Apple Watch models can make and receive phone calls as long as they are paired with an iPhone that is turned on and nearby.

If your iPhone is not nearby, the GPS version of the Apple Watch can still make calls if your cellular carrier supports Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone.

Wi-Fi calling, as the name implies, allows you to make and receive calls using only a Wi-Fi signal. Your watch must be within range of a Wi-Fi network that your iPhone has previously connected to.

  1. Check to see if Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your iPhone. Navigate to Settings > Phone. Then select Wi-Fi Calling. Finally, enable Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone as well as Add Wi-Fi Calling For Other Devices.

There’s no need to be concerned about any GPS + Cellular Apple Watch model. You can use the watch to make phone calls wherever a cellular signal is available, even if your iPhone is not nearby or is turned off.

  1. Navigate to your Apple Watch’s Phone App.

When you’re ready to make a call on the Apple Watch, go to the Phone app.

  1. Favorites allows you to quickly access contacts you’ve chosen to add to the section on your iPhone.

The most recent calls made on your iPhone or Apple Watch are displayed in Recents.

  1. Contacts will also display all of your iPhone’s information. Select a contact’s information to call them. Select the phone icon. You can dial the other party’s phone number or even use FaceTime audio to contact them.

The name of the person you’re speaking with, as well as the length of the call, will appear on the Apple Watch screen. The Apple Watch’s built-in speaker will allow you to hear the other person. Simply speak normally, and the microphone will pick up on your conversation.

  1. Turn the Digital Crown to adjust call volume.
  2. The mute button is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. To answer the phone, click the large red phone icon.

You can also tap the… icon to bring up the keypad, where you can enter additional numbers or transfer the call to your Bluetooth headphones, such as AirPods.

If you don’t have the person in your contacts, you can use the Keypad to dial the number manually.

In addition, if you ever miss a call, go to voicemail. You can listen to the entire message and call the other party without ever touching your iPhone.

  1. Using Siri to Make Apple Watch Calls

You can even use Siri to make a quick phone call on your Apple Watch.

You can instruct the virtual assistant to dial a contact or a phone number. FaceTime Audio can also be used to dial a phone number.


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