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How To Link a PowerPoint Slide On Ms Word Document

Gabriel Ojeh




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How to link or embed Microsoft powerpoint slide on Ms word

One of the unique feature about the Microsoft Office suite is that all the programs in the collection work pretty well together. One example is the ability to link in between and embed Microsoft PowerPoint slides in a Microsoft Word document. 

In today’s post guide we will be showing how to achieve this by following the detailed steps to outlined below.

Meanwhile, Whether or not you link or embed a PowerPoint slide in the Word document, the result is always the same: that is to provide an external reference that compliments the content within the microsoft word document this will thus increase the richness of your word content document. Though, they happen to be some slight differences between linking and embedding that you should be aware of.

Difference Between Linking And Embedding Slide in Microsoft office word

The sole difference between linking and embedding an object is how the object’s data is stored and how the content within the object is updated. Since the data is stored differently between the two methods, the process of updating the content will also be different when that time comes.

Nevertheless, If eventually you link an object, then that link simply sends the reader to the location of the source object when clicked. The file itself doesn’t actually store any data from the linked object to the file. This is advantage if the object you’re linking to is large in size and you need to reduce the file size of your Word document. While disadvantage is that if the location of the linked object should in any way  change in the future, the link or connection to Word document will be cut off.

Thus if you happen to embed an object, then you don’t need to worry about future change in the location of the object, as it has already become part of the document itself. In illustration, Microsoft Word stores the object data in the actual Word file. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about broken links in your document. The disadvantage is that when the object is updated, those updates aren’t reflected in your embedded object because there’s no link connecting it to the source. Moreover, the initial microsoft word document size increases in file size with embedded objects.

How To Link or Embed a PowerPoint Slide in a Word Document

The difference between being able to link or embed a Microsoft PowerPoint slide in a Microsoft Word document is only one click.

1. First, open the PowerPoint presentation that contains the slide you want to link or embed. Next, select the desired file by clicking its preview thumbnail.

how to link or embed powerpoint slide in Microsoft word
powerpoint slide

2. After that, copy the slide to your clipboard by using the Ctrl+c (Cmd+c on Mac) keyboard shortcut, or by right-click on the slide and then select “Copy” from the context menu.

how to link or embed powerpoint in Microsoft word
copy the slide to clipboard

3. Now, open the Word document you would like to link or embed the slide to. In the “Clipboard” group of the “Home” tab, click the down arrow under “Paste.”

4. You will be presented with a drop-down menu, now click “Paste Special.”

how to link powerpoint point slide to ms word
paste>paste special

The “Paste Special” window will appear. If you’ve copied the PowerPoint slide to your clipboard, you’ll see a “Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Object” option in the box under “As.” 

5. Now click it to select the option.

How To Embed Slide

Follow the step below

1. Follow step 1, 2 and 3. On step three, click on the bubble next to “Paste.”

2. To link the slide, click the bubble next to “Paste Link.” Select “OK” to insert the linked or embedded object.

how to embed powerpoint link in Microsoft word
paste link

That is all on how to link or embed powerpoint slides on Ms word. TheMicrosoft PowerPoint slide is now linked or embedded in your Microsoft Word document.

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