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How To Increase The Charging Speed Of Your Smartphone

Gabriel Ojeh



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Are you tire if your smartphone charging speed? Do you wish to increase the charging speed of your smartphone device well.. Today we will be elaborating 3 proven tips to help you archive just that. 

1. Power Down Your Phone Before Charging

Why is this an essential tip? It is because When you start charging an active device, some background programs might still be running on the device that will thus slow down your device charging speed. For instance, a wireless connection such as WiFi, Bluetooth or even hotspot signal, others include incoming calls, messages, tune, and apps such running processes or program if allowed will be preventing the smartphone from optimizing the highest speed in charging thus slow it down. 

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Use A Quality Cable 

On this note i recommend the said smartphone cable that if it is a Samsung device it is advised you also use a Samsung unique cable to charge your device better still the exact follow come cable inside the box of your purchased device. Thus, The higher amps a cable can deliver, the higher the charging speed. In case you’re the use of a third-party cable or a lower-grade most preferred cable such as cheap cables, the device may not be charging as fast as expected. The two wires inside the cable decide how rapid your smartphone charges. A well known 28-gauge cable can carry about 0.5 amps, while a higher-finer 24-gauge cable can carry as high as 2 or more amps so you see. Its best to always use a quality cable for charging.

3. Don’t Use Your Device At The Same Time It Is Charging

Finally, it is not advisable to be using or pressing your device during it charging stat as it also decreases the charging speed of your device. 

Hence, if you must make use of your phone it is best you allow it to finish charging first before handing and using your device.

With this proven helpful charge tips you will be able to increase the charging speed of your smartphone device even without the fast charge feature interface which is absent for most older phones.

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