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How To Identify and Buy a Good Phone Charger For Your Android Phone

Here are some helpful tips to enable you to obtain a good, reliable phone charger for your smartphone.

Ediomo Effiong




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Good Phone Charger

Sometimes, purchasing a Good phone charger might be challenging especially if you don’t know a Good phone charger seller or dealer.

It is rarely known to most people that a good phone charger varies with phone and battery type. This rare fact indicates that buying a charger based on a trusted friend’s advice or recommendation might not still be the best; the charger might be working well for him but not for you.

Due to the unknown fact, many android phone users suffer from a long charging time of their phone and if I must emphasize, this has been a great issue to all.

Well, luckily for us modern technology has paved a way for phone users to identify the best charger for their phone.

The method in this post works well for all Android Phones and can be used to check the durability of phone chargers as well as phone cords.

How To Identify a Good Phone Charger For Your Android Phone

1. Install the recommended fast charging app

Install our recommended fast charging app which detects a charger capacity. This fast charging app does not only speed up your phone charging time but can also perform some other functions like detecting charger capacity, charging history, phone temperature, charging current, cool CPU etc.

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To install the fast charging app for free, click on any of the links below:





Good Phone Charger                    Good Phone Charger

2. Find a reliable market or dealer That Sells a Good Phone Charger

Imagine purchasing your phone charger from one of the best dealers and still being 99.9% sure of the phone charger capability, that feeling is amazing.

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3. Select your preferred phone charger

Just pick one or more chargers of your choice. Make sure that the charger is made by a good company e,g., oraimo, infinic etc., and ensure that it is recommended by your friends or the dealer.

4. Test the phone charger with the pre-installed app

Tell the dealer that you want to test the charger to make sure you are purchasing a good charger and the dealer should provide a socket with an electricity supply or a power bank.

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Plug the charger into your phone, enter the app if it doesn’t start up automatically. Notice the speed and wait for up to 1 minute to see the average speed and capacity of your phone charger.

Note that a good phone charger capacity should be 1000 mAh and above.


Top Good Phone Charger Producing Company List

  1. Oraimo
  2. Anker
  3. Realme
  4. Narzo
  5. GaN (Gallium)
  6. Samsung
  7. Infinix
  8. Apple
  9. Iniu
  10. PowerCore
  11. PowerAdd
  12. PowerCube

However, spoilers produces fake version of these products so whichever product you plan on buying, always use this guide to check and purchase a Good Phone Charger. Happy Charging.


Ediomo Effiong is a content writer, producer and blogger currently signed up with SmartcoreTech Media as an author and writer to express his creative and content writing skills.

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