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How To Get Free N1,000 Up To N10,000 Weekly On PiggyVest App

Gabriel Ojeh




How to get free N1000 up to N10000

With aid of this post and the information to be related on this post you will be able to earn free N1,000 and Up To N10, 000 Weekly if you take it very serious on Piggyvest Investment.  In addition, your earnings are withdraw able to your local bank account with ease. This in addition to other other previously published earning apps that pay online. You can see some of those other apps and how to utilize them to maximize your revenue online on a weekly base here.

Now, it is vital we know what we are doing before we dive into the earning part which is the main deal of the day kindly take your time to read and understand this post as it will go a long way in aiding you during your registration and your journey or earning massively from this app.  

What is Piggyvest?

This platform is one of the largest single online savings and investments platform in Nigeria in that with a little of just N1,000 you can begin your journey of investments, furthermore,  you can also invest in other exclusive areas such as real estate, transportation and many more other areas and earn as much as 100% return imaginary capital depending on the investments or project.

Furthermore, with their automated savings ability towards multiple goals, you can earn competitive returns better than your local bank savings account.

More importantly you can earn free N1,000 for signing up with them and can earn as much as N10,000 on a weekly base which is the main reason that prompted this article.

Without further introduction of the piggyvest app let’s proceed to how you can begin earning massively from this app free without possible investing.

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How do I earn  free N1000 from piggyvest 

You earn by simply referring your friends to join piggyvest via your referral link, you get free N1000 and also the referral get his own N1000 on successful registration/ sign up.

Isn’t that great? Yes it is! 



Piggyvest refer and earn free N1000

How To Earn Free N1,000 And Up To N10,000 Weekly From PiggyVest

To massively earning from this app kindly follow and adhere to every bit of instruction and guideline to be related here-on

1.      1. Click here to sign up and join the Promotion

2.     2.  Next Click on create an account and follow it up by registering with your real name, phone number and other required details

3.      3. Now Create a password for your account, after that, you will be required to provide your bank account details for easy withdrawal.

4.      4. Next it will as you to verify your account and link a card to it and in order to activate it, some token amount will be charged which will later be charged back. To do this just enter a minimum of N100 in the space provided for amount (don’t worry it can later be withdrawn back alongside the rest of your bonuses and earnings) now just proceed.

5.      5. After successful sign up, you will need to activate your account by going to your mail and clicking on the verification link sent to it. Along side this link is another link to download and install the PIggyVest App.

6.     6.  Now after all necessary validation of account and credit card, you will be required to login into your account and complete the sign up.

7.      7. Login, upon login in you will see all necessary to do list to handle, which includes BVN verification, just take each and everyone gradually after another.

8.     8.  Now you will need to get your sign up/ referral bonus of N1k, to do this you need to transfer a minimum of N100 to your flex account. To do this, click on savings and next on Flex account to get your flex account details.

     Now Copy the account Number displayed there and transfer N100 from your actual bank to the flex account number, then add the Transferred N100 Into your Safelock account, when safelocking, Select 10days at minimum.

    Now go back and click on Piggy savings account and transfer another N1k into the account that’s all. Upon completing this steps your N1000 sign up bonus will be credited to your piggyvest account now total funds expected to be in the Piggyvest app including the new bonus will be N2,200.

In Summary: How Piggyvest Referral Works

If you refer someone you’ll be given ₦1000 but it’ll be credited in your safelock account and once the person you referred followed the steps above the ₦1000 will be moved from your safelock into your flex account in the next 10 days which can now be sent to your flex wallet and can be withdrawn to your bank account.


9.      9. You can copy your referral link and start inviting your friends to register and sign up and thus send them the link to this article to as a guideline during their registration.


How To Withdraw Your Funds to Your Local Bank Account

  To do that simply click on withdraw option on the flex account

  Next enter the amount you wish to withdraw b, then finally, enter your password.

Note: Withdrawals is normally available for cashout within 10days but if you are so desperate for immediate withdrawal you can do that by following the above steps and a 5% charge fee will be deducted from your withdrawal.

That’s all about Piggyvest so hurry up and signup now while the promotion is at large. Kindly do well to like and comment on this article below.


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