18 thoughts on “How To Earn N200 Upto N5,000 Via Z-Union App

  1. If I subscribe to the VIP will I earn from the order every 2days for life(as long as the app exists)? And will my referral bonus increase if I upgrade?

  2. Can u please explain the FINANCIAL INCOME aspect of it….the app says I should transfer my Money to my financial income….what does that mean?

  3. Yes your daily I come limit as well as your referral bonus will be increased in a way but not much but I wouldn't advice you to upgrade your account using your money as what you see there is a bait. It won't benefit you much my friend. Just be using your regular account in time your cash will be upto and by that time you can choose to either cash out or upgrade

  4. That aspect is for upgrading your account profile.. If you deposits any money to the app from your bank or you wish to transfer your erning s on your account into the app that's when you use the financial feature. To enable you upgrade your account to VIP

  5. Are you saying that If i upgrade to VIP of 220000 to earn 32000 daily,…it is not feasible as stated in the app?

  6. Yes if you are determined and take it serious there is a possibility but now almost everyone is on z-union already so your chances are minimal from my perspective just saying but there is a 98 percent chances of you reaching that if you know where to look and how convince people that's it.

  7. Please someone should explain me what is financial income because everyday when I finished my 26 orders it asking to recharge or go to financial statement ,I thought is investing in financial statement will give you some percentage .

  8. It bound to happen as you have exhausted your orders for that day. It is in order words asking you to upgrade to the next level to enjoy the benefit of more orders

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