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How To Earn N200 Upto N5,000 Via Z-Union App

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Here is another complete step by step guide on how you can be making up to N10,000 every week without having to sweat yourself and what more you’re not taking anything out of your pocket or exposing yourself to any kind of risk, it’s a system that is considered to be rewarding and thus stress free.

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z-Union Cash out p

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Thus, the method to be illustrated in this article to some, may seem stressful while to others its hassle free but which ever the case, trust me you will enjoy it as time goes on, hence because no amount is too small and anything is worth trying, so far it pays and impose no risk. In time you will see it like taking a survey for money online. The only difference is that you spend your time answering questions on surveys.

Without further ado let’s proceed

In this article, we will be talking about the Z-Union app which is more like a shopping app but you’re not going to be shopping. What this app does is to pay it users for making bookings/orders on products but you will not be paying for them it away similar to signing Contracts on Gramfree if you’re familiar with the gramfree system. This app pays you to order goods such as smartphones, eatable goods washing matching and many more.

The interesting part is that it pays you N10 per booking/ order yes to some it is too small yes it is but here is the main part. As a start off user, you’re limited to only 20 bookings/ orders per day hence, that is N10x20 = N200 daily. You earn free N200 on a daily basis but that’s not all if you utilize other earning methods on the app such as the  referral scheme, you earn additional N10 per invited friend. Imagine inviting 10 persons on a daily basis that is additional N200 which is equal to N400 added to your account cool right!.

in no time before you know it, your accumulated funds will be up to N2,000 which you can then withdraw to your bank account as the minimum withdrawal now is N2,000 as at today due to an update from the app and no longer N200. 

How To Earn Free N200 Daily On Z-Union

Like earlier said, With this method, N200 is assured everyday on your account till this method stops working hence follow the steps bellow to start earning right away;

1. Click here to go to the Z-union registration page.

2. Next, enter your desired username, your active mobile number and set your password. Leave other box empty and proceed.

3. An OTP will be sent to the phone number you provided, input the OTP and click on the sign up button.

NOTE: If you did not see where to input your phone number, just proceed to the next step. If they didn’t asked you to provide your phone number they won’t ask for OTP either, so you are free to hit the sign up button now.

4. Upon clicking on the sign up button, an app will automatically start downloading, you might receive a warning against downloading  the app just ignore it and proceed with the download, click ok and continue.

 if it didn’t prompt any download automatically,  you can check just below the sign up button you will see a download button click on the button to begin the Download manually.

5. After Once  downloading the app, install and open the app.

6. Now login with your username and password. (The one you provided on the registration page before downloading the app) 

7. You will be redirected to your dashboard and that’s it! from here onward you can start accumulating your daily N200.

8. At this point, click on the place an order button on your dashboard.

9. You will be redirected to where to fill your billing details, fill it correctly and return back to your dashboard. Then click on the place an order button again, on the next screen, select order now.

10. Click on submit and you will be asked to confirm the order, click on the confirmation button and you will immediately earn N10 added to your account.

11. Now repeat the above step 8 and 10 19 more times (19X) and your total earning will be N200 by this time.

z-union alert

12. initially you could have been able to withdraw your earnings now but as an update was carried out on the app, you now have to accumulate as much as N2,000 to be able to withdraw your earnings. hence, if you have accumulated upto the said amount you can now withdraw your earnings as minimum withdrawal is N2,000.

Note: Withdrawal takes around 2hrs to reflect and is Direct Bank Transfer (DBT)

How To Accumulate Up To N10,000  Weekly

z-Union Withdrawal History

At this point, if you are wondering how you can now earn up to N10,000 in a week with the steps above and how possible and realizable it is.

here is how, you don’t need to bother yourself so much as I am going to explain the concept  below.

Simply follow the instruction below to increase your earnings;

1. Login to your user dashboard, after that check the top right corner of the app and click on invite.

2. Grab your referral link and refer as many friends as possible. the more you refer, the more extra N10 you realize added to your account

Note: You earn N10 for friend you refer, instantly as they download the app.

3. N10 is too small to hit that target right? Yes! That was my thought when I first explore it but trust me, their introduction of recurring income is what makes it fun plus it is stress free.

6. The number of orders you can get will also increase as you continue to refer. Hence, just try to refer many friends, I guess they will be happy to join as they have nothing to loose too.

How To Withdraw From Your Earnings On Z-union

The process is very simple and straightforward;

1. As mentioned earlier above, mode of withdrawal is direct bank transfer (DBT). Login to your dashboard and click on withdrawal, If you are yet to fill in your withdrawal details before, it will prompt you to fill it and don’t worry cause it is safe. 

2. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on submit. Wait for 24hrs for your withdrawal to be processed.

that’s all enjoy your earnings 

Z-Union alert 2

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The Terms of Service and Policy of the Z-union app has been recently modified and the two changes below were made;

1. The 20 order  daily earning process of N200  has been limited to 2days and henceforth, you’ll handiest be able to finish twenty orders for the first 2days. To hold earning after this first 2days, you’ll need to preserve your referring process and earn ordinary income out of your referrals.

And if you are able to refer till your incomes sum as much as N6000, you’ll be giving entry to to VIP1 and this may provide you with the opportunity of sparkling 26 orders for every other 2days. The more you refer, the extra you earn, the greater your level increases and the more your order and commission per order increases too.

2. The minimum withdrawal has been modified from N200 to N2000 thus you cannot withdraw any amount lesser than N2000 as from now on, subsequently, all the pending withdrawal which might be lesser than N2000 might be canceled as at the moment maybe.


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