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How To Earn N1,500 And Up To N50,000 weekly On The Branch App

Gabriel Ojeh




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Today i will be revealing another legit paying app like the ChipperCash App with the aid of this article and the app to be mentioned you will be able to make cool and quick cash online without any investment or stress all from the comfort of your couch.

The app been illustrated here is the branch app, this app requires no sign up or any activation fee. The good amazing thing about the app is that they reward user’s with N500 sign up bonus and another N1,500 referral bonus for each person you refer to the app successfully which is the main reason for writing this article.

The Branch App is an international lending app which is not only accessible to Nigerians, but also accessible to everyone from Ghana, Tanzania, Mexico, Kenyan and even India.

The mobile application grants loan to its users without collateral and every process concerning the lending of the app can be carried out using your mobile phone which implies that no paper work is needed when carrying out such activities with this app, it saves you all the necessary paper work stress you ought to go through in order to obtain a loan.


  • What is The Branch App
  • Requirements for signing up on the branch app
  • How to sign up and register on the Branch App
  • How The referral Scheme works
  • How to generate a source of income from the Branch App

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In this article we will only be elaborating more on the referral scheme of this app and how you can generate a source of income from it.

On this app you will have access to a sum of N500 as sign up bonus and N1,500 for Referral. Now imagine referring 10 people’s to the app, that is cool N15,000 which will be paid directly to your bank account without any hassle.

Requirements for Signing  up on the Branch App

Below are expected requirement needed for registering on the Branch app referral promo.

• An Internet connection.

• A working and a valid bank account.

• The promotion code to be given in this article.

• The Branch app. You click here to download the app.

How To Sign up For the Branch App referral Scheme

Step 1: After successfully downloading the app with the link provided above or you can as well click here,  lunch/Open the app.

NOTE: If you are prompted to enter a promotion code/Referral code, enter  88inp8  in the space provided and if not just proceed with the below steps.

Step 2: You will receive a welcome message then click continue.

Step 3: Click on register new account and select “Register with phone number”

Step 4: Enter your valid mobile phone number and an OTP will be sent to the phone for verification, check your phone and enter the OTP to continue with the registration.

Step 5: The app will request for some permission which you will need to grant access, just click allow for all permission.

Step 6: You will be required to enter your details, just do that by providing the best and accurate details.

NOTE: The app as the app is registered and endowed with CBN and cannot use any information you provide to them illegally.

Step 7: They will ask you of where to send your loan, then enter your correct bank account details.

Step 8: Now you will be presented with a page where you will be asked to apply for a loan of N1,000, before you proceed with this step, go to promotion and apply the following code  =>  88INP8   you can locate the promotion by clicking on the menu at the left top corner of the app.

Step 9:Now go back to my loan and click on apply for a loan of N1000 then wait for like 5minutes and you will get the money deposited into your preferred bank account.

Step 10: wait for the money to Enter your bank account, then proceed to repay the loan, choose your preferred method of payment and N1,200 will be deducted from your account immediately the transaction is successful you will receive a sign up bonus of N500. 

At this point you  now proceed to refer as many people as possible tell them to use your code  and receive N500 cash for each Referred friend

Don’t forget to apply the promotion code  =>  88INP8

Perhaps you must have heard of the branch app sometime or may have come a crossed it on the app store which either way there is no doubt in making more than N50,000 Weekly with this app if you take it seriously and follow the steps as illustrated in this article hence it very legit.

Solution To Loan Refusal 

For some of us who already has the app installed and have tried to apply for a loan but encountered a denial you can apply this simple trick to bypass that and be able to get your loan application granted.

1. Go to the branch app storage in settings

2. On getting there, clear the app storage or data as shown in the picture below

3. After that, go to your message box and clear all your transactions messages both debit and credit alert reason been that this is to make branch grant your loan immediately instead of asking you to wait after 30days hence with the permission required and granted to the app, branch has access to your message log that means that when you re applying for a loan with that access they check your message to determine the credit and debit alert on the line to be able to make a decision. They will reject your loan application if the app detects that the balance on your bank is higher than your loan application via through your message log. 

Now look at this scenario, you have N30,000 in your bank balance and you’re requesting for a loan of N1,000.  Branch will not grant your loan because of the N30,000 they saw in your balance via your message log credit and debit alert. To them it is extremely more than enough to solve your N1,000 problem you’re requesting for hence a denial. So to avoid that from happening, you need to clear all your credit and debit alert messages from your phone.

4. Having done that, you can now proceed to launch the app remember to apply the code of step 4 above.

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