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How To Earn Money With WowApp Social App and Get Paid in cash

-Minimum Withdrawal $1
-Users can earn from their team up to 8 generation
-Method of earning is by engaging in simple tasks

Philip Aladino



WowApp is a unique earning platform where users can not only earn money with the provided messaging tool, but it also allows you to earn from carrying out you everyday lifestyle activities. such as playing games online, chatting as well testing apps and many more other activities then in the end you earn bonuses called “WowCoins”. These WowCoins can then be exchanged for real paypal money or direct bank cash deposit.

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As earlier mentioned, there are various ways to earn on the WowApp platform such as:

  • Instant Earn – Instantly earn coins by performing activities such as watching videos, taking surveys, installing apps and more.
  • Shop Online – Earn WowCoins as cashback from purchases you make through the platform that include thousands of high street stores. Earning anywhere from 0.5% up to 25% as cash back.
  • Play Games – Earn WowCoins by playing the games provided within the platform.
  • Talk – With WowApp you can call mobiles and landlines outside WowApp at some of the lowest rates while experiencing the best audio quality.
  • Loyalty – Earn WowCoins on your loyalty to WowApp and to your network members. The more Active you and your network are, the more you earn.

Instant Earn

Like many other paying platforms, you will see paid surveys whereby you answer some questions and get paid to do so. WowApp does it here as well! There are little tasks to do, such as if you download another app you are paid. Obviously advertising from the other apps pays us. As with everything, the things that pay you the most are those that cost to buy. For example £4.49 for a game gives you 400 coins. You are essentially losing money, so watch that.

Cash Back Shopping Online

Online shopping is the way forward, especially during this pandemic! Online shopping has soared and so to has the discounts that are being given to us! Wowapp has partnered with literally thousands of high street stores to give you cash back on your purchases! Some of the cash back is really good!!

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Playing Games

The games are not great and the payments received are quite smaller. However, if you have 20 minutes here and there when you want to just meditate with a mind numbing game. Why not get paid for it at the same time?

Talking on the Phone

Not many people really use credit anymore due to so many way of contacting for free and a lot of people being on contracts. However, if you do not have a contract, then this function is great! you can top up your phone account to be able to use to call people.


Get rewarded with WowCoins based on your networks activity. Invite at least 3-5 people to join your network. The more active your network is, the more money you earn. Below is a chart of how much you can earn from your circle of teams

How To Sign Up on WowApp

Click here to sign up on WowApp. Upon opening, scroll down and enter your email address.

Then click on the app download button below.

When asked to enter a referral code, Enter “SMARTCORETECH

How To Redeem your Rewards

A time restriction is in place on your earnings on the WowApp. You’ll only have your Daily Earnings available for withdrawal 60 days after you’ve earned those points. Once you’ve earned enough points on the WowApp, you can cash out minimum withdrawal is $1.

To redeem your rewards, log in and click on Account. After that, click on the Cash Out page. Select the reward that suits you.

You’ll need at least 100 coins to redeem your rewards. However, each withdrawal option has a different minimum. For example, to withdraw to PayPal, you’ll need 218 coins or more.

WowApp Payment proof

You can get cash for your points by requesting a withdrawal to Bitcoin, PayPal or your debit or credit card. This option is available to members in several countries. You can also ask for your points to be converted to mobile credit.


  • Earning money by messaging your friends and family just like you would when you use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
  • A 7 level tier system, meaning you earn money from your referrals referrals 7 lines down!
  • Only a $1 minimum withdrawal limit.
  • Six different ways to earn!
  • Automatically gives to charity whilst using the platform.


  • There is a 60 day cooling off time before being able to withdraw. This means after you have earned your WowCoins, you cannot exchange them for 60 days.
  • The signal strength is not overly amazing when using it to call people.
  • Relatively low income rate
  • wow app payment proof. Paypal paid YouWowMe Ltd, WowApp

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