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How to Earn $5 up to $50 Weekly on Picoworker

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Picoworker review legit

Today we will be introducing another paying platform where you can micro Income with your spare time and smartphone just by engaging in little stress-free task on the Picoworker platform.

What is Picoworker?

The Picoworker platform is like a freelancing site a little bit like the porpular once we well such as upwork and fiverr.  The platform pays it users for taking small micro tasks online which can range from like pictures on Facebook and Instagram as well as views some videos on YouTube. It also goes as far as signing up on platforms and verifying your account on them to get paid. The amount earned on each task depends sorely on the kind of task you choose to take part in.

Like every other freelance website online today the platform have quite a huge number of task users can engage in and it keeps increasing by the day so you don’t need to worry about running out of task.

Furthermore, the minimum payout of this platform is $5. That is once you have accumulated your earnings up to that amount, you can request your payment. Which can be proceeded through PayPal, bitcoin Wallet and several other methods, but we highly recommend the use of PayPal.

Meanwhile, we have a detailed guide on how to open a paypal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria as well as anywhere in africa with PayPal limitation on here feel free to check it out as well as how to Open a verified USA, Canadian, European and even GBP bank account from any part of the word. However if you haven’t been in the world of freelancing, here is a chance and an an excellent opportunity for you to start.

Picoworker Review Legit or Scam

 Well many are already wandering if the app is a legit platform or not, well I can assure you 💯✅ that platform is completely legit as the are paying their user massively. Again unlike other sites it happens to have an about page on the website.

How To Sign Up And Register On Picoworker

In order to start earning from pico platform, you will need to register and verify your information. To begin click here to sign up on the platform. Next you’re to enter you required information valid info.

How to sign up on Picoworker

After signing up, you’re to verify your email address and phone number. 

Immediately, you will be logged in into your dashboard where you will see the variety of tasks awaiting your attempts.

How To Take Task on Picoworker

Like I have mentioned earlier, you have to login to your dashboard and you will find tons of task waiting for you. Click on the desired one and take your time to go through the terms and guildline for performing the task before you start.

Note: The amount you earn on the sorely depends on the amount of time and dedication you put to the app. If you dedicate enough time and attention to it you will be earning up to $10 daily. 

How To Withdraw Your Earnings On Picoworker

On Picoworker, the minimum withdrawal is $5 hence as soon as you have acquired that amount you can proceed to claim your earnings. Withdrawals take around 10 days to process.

 To withdraw your earnings, just click on the hamburger menu at the right side of the screen 

~ Next click on wallet then select Withdrawal
How to request withdraw on Picoworker platform

Payment can be made through PayPal or cryptocurrency 

Terms of Use of The Picoworker platform

  • Do not use VPN/PROXY or other type of masking IP address software
  • Do not open or operate multiple accounts
  • Do not create many accounts with same IP address or use shared / public wifi
  • Do not use the the same IP address used with other accounts to do tasks
  • Do not work on country jobs that are not from your own country
  • Do not attempt to sell or transfer control your account
  • Do not purposefully submit fake or incomplete proofs
  • Do not participate in any social media, online or offline groups where the purpose is to ask and or discuss how to do tasks by tricks and deception, participate in asking people to report employers, discuss rating information, and similar activity.

All theses violation will ultimately lead to a ban, and the immediate LOSS OF ALL EARNINGS accrued to your account. If you are banned ALL FUTURE ACCOUNTS YOU CREATE WILL BE BANNED.

Does the platform really pay?

Well yes it does pay see below for some proof
Payment proof 2

Picoworker payment proof

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