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How To Earn $25 (N9000) From Zap Surveys

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!


Here is another awesome paying app at the moment with the aid of this app you can be earning massively on Weekly base hassle free just by taking surveys online. All you need is your time, Smartphone and data. Thus, this is one of the top paying survey sites right now.

Surveys as we know it are online platforms, in which major companies and start up seek opinions from the general public to understand the demand/need for their proposed products or services, hence this opinions help them figure out what people actually want or need(the market demand for a product or service), with the aid of these opinions they can now produce a hot in demand product or services, and in return, these suppose companies pays the mass audience that participated in the surveys.

What Is Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys is a mobile survey application, which allows users to earn money while taking online surveys. It is an app for Android and iOS, which is owned by a company called app that pays.

In this article we will be elaborating everything you need to know about this app including, how to register and start earning your own cash. Nevertheless we have previously published another article on other survey sites  that pays massively just like this one such as YouGov Surveys (Us), YouGov Surveys (UK), Eureka surveys Surveys and more, aswell as other means of earning cool cash online such as publishing on Opera News Hub, Lodpress platform, just as we are always helping you earn online today, we decided to bring you another paying app as well. I will elaborate on everything you need to know about the aforementioned app.

Like i earlier said, Zap Surveys was created by Apps that Pays and was founded in 2016, this app allows you to make up to $25 (N9,000) weekly. It is an online in app survey platform that allows you to take surveys in exchange for rewards! At Start up, you get a guaranteed $6.25 on your first survey, yes you get $6.25 on your first survey, thus, you also earn daily sign in rewards including referrals rewards and more.

The Zap Survey app is strictly for United States and UK residence, yes that means if you’re anywhere else in the world, you won’t be able to make use of this app. Thus nevertheless, always got as thus with the detailed instructions and guidelines to be issued on this article you will be able to use this said app and also earn from it anywhere else in the world. 

How To Earn Up To $25 (NGN9000) Weekly On Zap Surveys

Earning from zap surveys requires some simple and well guided act if you’re away from the US Or Uk, if you can strictly adhere to the guidelines below you can begin making some cash from the Zap survey app.

1 Connect Your VPN to UNITED
STATES(USA) or UK, if you don’t have a
good VPN download melon VPN from
here or Turbo VPN here

2. After that, now make sure You bypass play
store country restriction, so that you can download apps that are not available in your country, because one of such apps is the zap surveys, to do this simple follow every bit of instructions here.

3. After accomplishing that, Now Click here to download the Zap Survey app from google play store

Note: Only click the link to the Zap Survey app after you must have successfully change your play store to US based play store hence bypassing the play store restriction)

Now on clicking the download link, you will be redirected to play store, now
download the app and launch it.
Or alternatively, you can also download the Zap Survey app  here

Or you can download Zap Survey from
other stores
4. Now Sign up with your email and create a
username and Password to earn your welcome
bonus of $0.75, you will be asked to switch your
location on, but neglect it! this is to
prevent them from knowing that you are
not from USA or UK.

5. At this point, you will now take your first survey which will give you $6.25 when
completed as shown on the screenshot

Now you can Start attempting other surveys and earning more.

Note: Inbrain and Peanut Labs Surveys are the highest paid and thus they have more surveys so you could try em out.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings From Zap Surveys

We will also be elaborating the withdrawal method too. There are many withdrawal options on zap app, however, the most convenient among them is the PayPal option, as soon as you earn up to $25 you can request for payment via PayPal.

1. To withdraw your earnings, just click on the option menu at the left,

2. Select cash out, Then click on ALL CASH OUT OPTION, next select PayPal and input your PayPal I.D or email.

Alternatively you can also redeem your earnings via Visa, Gift cards etc, if you are yet to own a PayPal account that sends as well as receives payment, then click here to view the guide

Other Ways To Earn From Zap Surveys

In zap survey app, there a several other ways to earn aside taking surveys such as;

1. Refer Friends And Earn

This is another means by which you can make money on Zap Surveys, you will earn $0.45 for each person you refer to download the app and register with your referral link.

To get your own unique referral link on this app, just login to the app, click on the three lines at the top left corner of the app home menu and select refer friends, as shown in above image, copy your unique referral link and share.

Daily Login Bonus

You can get a quick daily login bonus, by just logging into Zap Surveys app.
All you have to do to earn your login bonus is to login the app daily, then click on the notification icon next click on daily check in that will appear and click on the respective day that is available. It pays you $0.03 for everyday you do this, provided that you didn’t break the login streak.

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