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How To Earn $25 (N9,000) From YouGov Surveys (US)

Gabriel Ojeh



In this article, we will be bringing to you another way to earn from YouGov Surveys. If you’ve been with us for some time now, you most remember we have earlier shared a guide on how to earn €50 and from YouGov UK which strictly for UK citizens or individuals based in UK. Today we will be talking about YouGov US, just like the UK the YouGov Us is strictly for US Citizens as well individuals based in the US. 

As we know it The YouGov Platform is a worldwide online network feed in which millions of people as well as political, cultural and industrial companies engage in non-stop communication approximately culture, ideals and types by means of wearing out questionnaire surveys and as you try this, you earn points for each surveys which can be redeem in alternate for PayPal cash or gift cards.

This platform gives brief available surveys as well as long term taking surveys. But the appropriate element about the surveys is that it always has surveys to be taking for all people on like mobrog and timebucks that always give excuses that the surveys is not for you.

Without losing a good deal time i can now be proceed to show you how you can sign up on the YouGov US and start earning your income and in no remote time you’ll be making and cashing out your first PayPal cash.

How To Sign Up On YouGov Surveys Us 

Note: If you have already Signed Up on YouGov UK and is interested in earning more income by sacrificing more of your time on signing up for YouGov US, you might consider changing your email so as the system not to detect you as an existing user. After that you can proceed to sign up

1. Open your VPN. Any VPN at all perhaps you could Download Melon VPN or Turbo VPN from here recommended, next, set your location to US server

2. After that you can proceed to Click here to sign up for YouGov US surveys

3. Register with correct details (Name and Email)

4. After successful registration, you will be sent a welcome mail containing your first survey with a welcome bonus of 100 points after successful completion.


How To Open And Verify Cash App Account

 To do this you will need a UK based (GBP) bank account like Payoneer you can use our link and signup on payoneer to get instant $25 bonus to your account on activation or PayPal

You can gather as high as 16,000 to be able to redeem for PayPal cash but don’t worry each surveys gives as high as 1,000 to 2, 500 points depending on the survey.
Note: The surveys will be mostly about political issues, the current covid-19 pandemics and it can go as far as getting your views on environmental concerns and personal opinions just give your opinion on either subjects matter

if you are asked for a postal code, use Google and search for a US postal codes and always remember the postal code and details entered during the survey because you will be asked occasionally.

NoteAlways connect your VPN to US before taking part in any survey
Also you can refer your friends to the platform to earn more points.

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