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How To Disable Websites Pop Up Notifications On Chrome Android/iOS

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Block Website Spam Notifications in Chrome

Have you ever subscribed to website notification knowingly or unknowingly such as a result of a mistake and you wished you could unsubscribe but do t k ow how or perhaps you do want to stay subscribed but pause the notification interruption for a couple of days, maybe months well in today’s article I will be showing you how you can go about disabling the annoying notification from Chrome browser or put a pause to it as this will enable you surf the internet and any website notification free without the prompt to subscribe to them whenever you just opened the website.

Sure we do need notification, but not from a website in browser. Imagine visiting a site and a pop-up comes up asking you to receive notifications as soon as you open the site.

Do follow every bit of steps as outlined below to enable you put a stop to such prompts.

How To Disable Site Pop Up Notifications On Chrome

Tap the Menu button on the righ upper corner of the screen (which happend to be the 3 dotted icon).

Then next Select Settings and scroll down to ‘Site Settings

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How To Disable website Pop Up Notifications On Chrome

Now click on ‘Notifications”🔔
At this point you will be able to see which webites has already been granted access to send notifications and the ones alreadt blocked.

Note: here, If you wish to totally turn them all off and enjoy notifications free access then simple toggle the disable icon button.

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