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How To Disable Tab Preview on Safari 14

Philip Aladino



How To Disable Tab Preview On Safari

In Safari 14, Apple added a new feature known as tab previews, this means that when you hover your mouse pointer over a non-active browser tab it shows an image preview of the tab’s contents.

Apple didn’t provide an option in preferences to disable tab previews, which isn’t great if you find the feature less than useful or downright distracting. Fortunately, there’s an undisclosed but fairly simple way to disable tab previews, which we will be showing you today.

Kindly Follow the steps as outlined below to guide you through the entire process. Note that one of the steps involves inputting a simple Terminal command, so you’ll need to be comfortable using Terminal command line interface to follow through to the end.

1. Quit Safari if it’s running on your Mac.

Launch System Preferences (go to menu -> System Preferences…) then click the Security & Privacy preference pane.

How To Disable Tab Preview On Safari

2. Next,  select the Privacy tab, then click the padlock icon and enter your password or use Touch ID to make changes.

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3. After that, select Full Disk Access in the sidebar.

Then Scroll to Terminal in the app list and check the box next to it to enable the app to have full disk access. (Note that you can disable this access later by unchecking the box after you’ve followed all the steps.)

How To Disable Tab Preview On Safari

4. Now  launch the Terminal app (found in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal) as seen in the image below.

How To Disable Tab Preview On Safari

Enter the following command and then hit Enter:

defaults write DebugDisableTabHover

How To Disable Tab Preview On Safari

5. Launch Safari, and you should find that page previews no longer appear when you hover your mouse pointer over a non-active tab.


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How to Re-Enable Safari Tab Previews

To revert the change at any time, simply repeat the steps, except in step 7 be sure to replace the “1” at the end of the Terminal command with “0”. After hitting Enter and relaunching Safari, your tab previews will be re-instated.

How To Disable Tab Preview On Safari

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