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How to Create Thumbnails for YouTube Videos

Wanting to make a thumbnails for your channel videos on YouTube but don’t know How? See the best way to Create Thumbnails for YouTube Videos

Samuel Damy




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Thumbnails are essential for a wide range of YouTube videos. Thumbnails is similar to book covers same as that you would possibly purchase the book if you love the cover.

This is just as same for YouTube videos. Viewers will watch the video if they like the thumbnail. If the thumbnail is not appealing they will just bounce off.

You should be aware that thumbnails have evolved into one of the most crucial aspects of YouTube videos. It has a significant impact on your viewership. You should be aware that if your video lacks a thumbnail, it will receive no views.

Now that you understand the significance of YouTube videos, you should understand how difficult it is to design visually appealing thumbnails. To produce the best thumbnails for your videos, you must have good designing abilities.

Today, YouTubers from all over the world use thumbnail maker apps to assist them with creating the best thumbnails. These apps can furnish your thumbnail with readily predesigned templates to help you with making the best thumbnails.

We’ve covered how to make thumbnails for YouTube videos in the section below. You must follow this technique if you want to make the best astonishing thumbnail.

How to create YouTube video thumbnails like a pro


1. Choose the subject image

The subject image is the most important aspect of a thumbnail. Your thumbnail’s topic image should always be pertinent to the content of your video. The bounce rate will rise if the thumbnail’s topic image is unrelated to the actual video.

You can use a picture from your video or develop a new image that is pertinent to the video’s subject. You should be aware that the image in the thumbnail should not necessarily be from the video; however, it should always be related.

2. Remove the image’s background

The most crucial thing to remember about thumbnails is that the subject must be visual. The quality and aim of the thumbnail will be harmed if the subject is not vividly seen in the image.

You must erase the subject’s background and any other distracting parts. Using picture editing software, you may quickly erase the background of the subject photo.

3. Apply a sticker effect to your thumbnail.

The primary goal of a thumbnail is to draw the attention of a potential audience and entice them to watch the full video.

You should realize that applying a sticker effect to the thumbnail will make the topic image jump up and look more appealing.

If you’re using a thumbnail maker app or a picture editor, you may quickly apply sticker effects to your thumbnail. To make the topic more bright, you can intensify the sticker effect.

4. Include eye-catching text in your thumbnail

A thumbnail should have text as well as a picture. A viewer will not be drawn in if the thumbnail lacks textual content.

You must include bold, elegant, and huge text on the thumbnail that is related to the video’s content. Including text would boost your conversion rate by more than 50%. Using professional editing software like as Photoshop, you may quickly add text to the thumbnail.

You may also use YouTube thumbnail maker programs to do this. As we previously stated, making thumbnails is a difficult task.

To produce the best thumbnails, you’ll need good design abilities and modern software applications like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

If you lack the necessary skills or software applications to produce thumbnails, you then have to use online video thumbnail creation tools.

How to use thumbnail creation applications to create stand-out thumbnails

Here, we’ve covered all you need to know about making thumbnails with the finest thumbnail apps.

  1. First and foremost, you must download and install the channel art maker app – Download Here
  2. You will discover several categories in the thumbnail creator app. You must choose one that is related to the specialty of your channel.
  3. There are several predesigned readily made templates in each category. You must go through these template designs and select the one that most interests you.
  4. After picking a thumbnail design, go to the dashboard and change the thumbnail to match the video’s content.
  5. The dashboard may be customized with graphics, text, and filters.
  6. Finish the thumbnail design and save it in the highest quality and format possible.


Creating distinctive thumbnails for your YouTube videos is simple!



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