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How To Convert Airtime To Cash And Transfer To Your Bank Account

Gabriel Ojeh



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Often a time we received airtime gifts from our loved ones and friends or sometimes too when try to recharge our lines via bank recharge we sometimes end up doing excess recharge we we in turn end up regretting and wishing we could rewind it all back.

Now what if I relate to you that there’s a means for you to change that your airtime which you would have preferred if it were money to cash or that excess recharge you accidentally performed on your line back to cash and return it to your bank account. Great right! Well in today’s article I will be showing you a means by which you can convert your suppose airtime to cash and then transfer it to your bank Account in Nigeria. What more this process works on every telecoms network in Nigeria and I mean every; that includes MTM, Airtel, Globacom and even 9mobile.


  • What is Aimtoget
  • Features of Aimtoget
  • How legit is Aimtoget
  • How To Convert Airtime To cash Using Aimtoget
  • How to Transfer The Converted Cash To Bank

Without much ado let’s talk about the means and how to go about changing that suppose over recharged airtime to cash again and transfer it back to your account.

Thus, the process I will be revealing here is through the use of Aimtoget

What is Aimtoget?

This is an online mobile wallet company and platform that allows it users to easily convert their Airtime of any network at all to cash.

The platform is a registered company with CAC (RC 1531451) in Nigeria, thus making it safe to do monetary transactions with.

Furthermore aside changing your suppose airtime to cash they are other things you can use Aimtoget for which includes:

  • Buying of data bundles at a cool rate
  • Recharging of cable TV subscriptions of any kind e.g., GOtv, DStv, Startimes and more online.
  • Send Bulk SMS to a targeted audience in Nigeria
  • Swap airtime from one network to the other.

How To Register And Convert Airtime To Cash Using Aimtoget.

To convert airtime to cash on the Aimtoget platform just follow these easy steps below to quickly convert your Airtime to cash in Nigeria regardless of any network. In less than 5 to 10 minutes, you are done.

Step 1: Register A New Aimtoget Account

Before you can be able to convert your Airtime to cash, you need to have an account with aimtoget.

Visit and create an account or click here to download the app from google play store.

2. On opening the website click on register or get started to create an account

3. On the next page fill your required details carefully and choose a username and password

Registration page image

Note: it should be something memorable. Make sure you can remember the username you used in registering.

4. You will be required to create a 4 digit pin, make sure you use a code you can remember as well.

5. After the registration completion, login with your username and password.

How To Convert Airtime To Cash On Aimtoget

Follow the Guide strictly and at the end you will be to change your Airtime to cash and then withdraw the Airtime to your bank account.

Step 1: After login in to your account, Fund Your Aimtoget Wallet.

Note: you can either fund it via bank transfer, E-card, ATM and Via Airtime Transfer.


Go to your dashboard and click “fund”

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On the next screen, Choose the method you want to use from the drop-down in our case airtime,

Step 2: On the next screen, it will as you to fill some details feel it correctly just like in the image below

3. Next, Select your network you are using to fund and Click continue.

4. You are to transfer the amoumt of airtime to Aimtoget for it to e converted to cash. Now, transfer the Airtime to the number shown on the following screen, once you have successfully transferred the Airtime click complete.

Terms and condition aimtoget

It will ask if you have transferred the amount you want to the number, click the Yes button. And wait for it to e verified

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5. After the verification process It would show you a success notification, and within the next 5 minutes, your wallet will be credited.

If you didn’t get the notification that it was a success, kindly follow the above step again.

Note; There is a 30% charge rate for every airtime conversion, that is to say for every N1k airtime converted your expected return to be credited on your Aimtoget Wallet will be N700

How To Withdraw From Aimtoget To Bank.

Once you confirm that your account has successfully been funded with the amount, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on Withdraw as seen from. Your dashboard above.

If you haven’t added your bank yet it will prompt you to add your bank so go ahead and add your bank information, after that click continue.

2. Enter the amount you want transfer to the bank and choose your bank, then click continue.

Confirm your pin and hit the continue button again.

That’s all! You just figured out away to convert your airtime to cash at any point in time . please share this article and leave a comment below in the comment box

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