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How To Cast Your Android Screen To TV Using Chromecast

Gabriel Ojeh




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Screen casting lets you ship media content from your smartphone device to a television or other compatible display.

Screen casting is handy and broadly available. It presents a smooth way to view your Android phone display screen on a larger TV screen. It additionally lets you multitask. Thus after the casting has started out, you could nevertheless carry out different obligations in your Android tool or even flip it off totally.


In this guide we will be showing you simple steps on how to mirror or cast your android or IOS device to your TV thus allowing you to watch and stream movies and all sort of media content from your phone display onto your television.

How To Mirror/Cast Android To TV

The most common method of casting Android to a TV is with Chromecast. A Chromecast is an inexpensive device that serves as a “bridge” between your Android phone and your TV.

There also are TVs (consisting of select Android TVs and Vizio SmartCast TVs) that have the Chromecast gadget built-in. This allows casting the identical selection of apps at once to those TVs while not having to connect an external Chromecast.


With Chromecast, your TV can stand in for phone’s display, allowing you to watch streaming apps native to Android on your TV. To cast, your Android phone and any Chromecast devices need to be on the same WiFi network.


How to Use Android With Chromecast

In order to cast your smartphone to your tv via chromecast you just have to follow every steps to be outlined in this guide strictly.


1. Plug / connect your Chromecast device into a power unit and your TV’s HDMI Port as shown in the image below. Skip this step if the TV has Chromecast built-in.

     2. After that, Switch on the TV.

Note: Your TV Doesn’t have to be a smart TV for you to use Chromecast or be able to cast/mirror your smartphone screen.

3. At this point, If you are using a pluged-in Chromecast, select the HDMI input on the TV it’s plugged into with the remote.
4. Now download and install the Google Home App on your Android phone if you are yet to do so click here to download the app

5. After successfully downloading and installing the app, open the Google Home app, then select Add > Set up Device, and follow the Chromecast setup prompts. Make sure both smartphone device and chromecast is connected to the same wifi network.

Note: for iOS users you will need to download Chromecast for IOS from the apple store.
6. Now you will need to download and install one or more Chromecast comparable apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or Apple TV and more.

7. Now open one of these apps you’ve downloaded and choose any movie or content to watch, and then select the Cast icon as shown below

At this point if you’ve multiple Chromecast installed on your device, you will be promoted to select one from the list.


You can now start watching and enjoying your chrome casting on your TV as shown below


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