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How To Earn £50 and Above From Populuslive Survey

Gabriel Ojeh



Populuslive is another most trusted and paying survey platform from which users can earn at least 50GBP (N30000) and above which can also be cashed out directly to your local bank account through the use of Payoneer.

This article will guide ypu as well as emphasise useful information about Populuslive survey page and in the end show you how to sign up and start earning from the comfort of your home via your android or IOS smartphone or any Surveying device of your choice.

Surveying is one of the popular online ways of earning passive or even massive amount of money online legitimately without stress execpt ofcourse the use of your time and internet access which not neceserily a big deal if the platform is legit.

What is Populuslive All About?

Populus is a UK based Survey organisation that carry out researches and opinions on products and services for brands and governmental organisations just like any other survey company.

Populuslive pays it users for engaging and expressing their thoughtful opinions regarding some products, events and services, some of which you might be firmilar with and some you might not however the trick is to pretend you do in some cases and with the aid of the information that you provide, they customers can improve on their products or services or at least know their targeted audience.

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How To Earn £50 and more From Populus

Populus is a UK based Survey company, hence their surveys are opened to only United Kingdom residents, since you are probably in Africa, Asia or any other part of the world, you will need to follow the instructions below to bypass that restriction to engage on Populus surveys.

~ First you will need to change your ip to reflect UK to be able to sign up and take surveys on the Populusive platform, for this you will need a VPN you can download Ec tunnel VPN app or any good VPN with UK location.

Note: Click here to Download or update Ec tunnel VPN

~ Then set your location to UK after which, click here to visit the Populusive survey website to sign up

Note: while signing up, use Your Real Name as this is very crucial for Withdrawals since you will be Withdrawing through Payoneer and both names most match.

~ On the postal code section use Any UK postal code(you can Google UK Post codes) or click here to view and copy some UK postal codes.

Note: don’t leave any space on the postal code eg ENC 1DA, instead of ENC1DA, then click look up and select any house address there.

~ As soon as you are done signing up you will receive a confirmation email, open your email and confirm

~ After confirming your email the next thing is to set your Demographic and Business, this involves answering some surveys questions, to do so click on MY PROFILE, then click on Demographic set day and night time (add the current time there) and answer the questions to the end, after that click on Business and answer the questions too, on the Phone number section use any random UK phone number eg 447911465370

It is highly recommended that while you’re on it, you should present yourself as a matured citizen so as to enable you qualify for most surveys. What it entails is that when asked about your age, you should set your age range from 40 above years.

Again when asked about your employment status you should choose self employed or working full time, as a manager, when asked if you have kids, you should say yes etc, you can read the post on how to answer survey questions here.

If you are done with the Demographic and Business set up you should now stay at alert for new surveys notifications and invites on your email, you can earn as high as £1 to £5 pounds per survey.

How To Withdraw From Populuslive Survey

Like I said earlier, the withdrawal method is via Local bank transfer so for this you will need a UK bank account, you can get one from Payoneer.

To learn how to own a USA and UK bank account from Payoneer click here, now you will need to link your UK bank account to your Populuslive account so that you can get paid automatically when you have reached their payment threshold, which is £50 GBP

Populusive payment

To do so click on the payment option of your Populus account and select BACS, then provide your UK bank account details as provided by Payoneer

Whenever you reach the payment threshold, Populus will automatically credit your UK bank account at the beginning to the middle of the next month, then from Payoneer you can withdraw to your local bank account as shown on the screenshots above.

Don’t forget to like and share this article with your friends to guide through on Populuslive survey platform. If you have an issue or questions you can leave them in the comment section below for fast response. Also, remember to join our online community platforms above for other latest earning tips and platforms.

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