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How The iPhone 15 Ultra May Capitalize On The Success Of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 15 concept design and render

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Apple iPhone 15 Concept Render
The iPhone 15 Ultra May Capitalize On The Success Of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro | (Smarttechvillas)


  • Kuo speculates that Apple would further separate the iPhone 15 Pro Max from the iPhone 15 Pro in the next year’s model.
  • The iPhone 15 Ultra, it has been said, will be the first iPhone to have a periscope camera for improved magnification.

The most popular iPhone 14 models are the larger iPhone 14 Pro and the more affordable iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, it may affect how Apple markets the iPhone 15 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro, speculated to be released next year.

iPhone 14 Series Build or Design

Furthermore, while the iPhone 14 (6.1 inches) and 14 Plus (6.7 inches) are only slightly improved over their 2021 predecessors, the iPhone 14 Pro (6.1 inches) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7 inches) include a new front design with the Dynamic Island, a quicker A16 Bionic CPU, and a better resolution primary camera.

Apple has reportedly stopped making the iPhone 14 and iPhone Plus in favour of the Pro models because their demand has been low. According to well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is responsible for more than 60% of the increase in orders for the Pro models as a whole.

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The success of the more expensive iPhones suggests that consumers are willing to pay more for Pro features. According to Kuo, this success may prompt Apple to further differentiate the iPhone 15 Pro Max from the iPhone 15 Pro next year. Though, according to a couple of rumours, it will be called the iPhone 15 Ultra) 

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that the iPhone 15 Ultra would have more critical changes in the next year, but he didn’t say what those changes would be.

Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be the sole model with a periscope camera for enhanced magnification. However, we don’t know whether this implies the iPhone 15 Ultra will feature four cameras.

Speculative Features Of the iPhone 15 Ultra

There have been rumours that it might cost more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and boast features like two front-facing cameras, 8K video capture, and more excellent base storage. 

The A17 processor is expected to be at the heart of the Pro models; however, whether or not it will be a 3nm chip is unclear in light of the ongoing dispute between Apple and TSMC.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max only diverge in screen size and battery life. Nevertheless, they’re on the cusp of becoming the top mobile devices of 2022. 

Build/Design of the iPhone 15 Ultra

Since the iPhone 15 won’t be released for another year and a half, we still don’t know much about the handset’s design. However, artist 4RMD has developed a stunning concept video for the iPhone 15 Ultra.

iPhone 15 concept design | (Smarttechvillas)

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