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How Much Will It Cost To Make an On-Demand Food Delivery App?

Do you want to build a food order and delivery app? here are some useful tips to help you build a unique app

Gabriel Ojeh




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Food Delivery App
How Much Will It Cost To Make an On-Demand Food Delivery App? image illustration/ Credit: Jacob Colleen (Smarttechvillas)

The growth of online food delivery is increasing with time as it provides convenience to users by offering individualised menu options and more. 

With the increasing demand for food delivery apps among a large audience, entrepreneurs are inclined more toward its development. However, the overall cost is the first question that concerns every business owner when contacting the food delivery app development company.

This blog explains the overall cost of on-demand food delivery app development based on various factors. 

Why Are Food Apps Becoming Popular?

Food delivery apps are becoming popular as they enable users to get their favourite food at their doorstep within just a few clicks. As a result, the studies by Statista have shown that the value of the online food delivery segment will have a market volume of $474.30 billion by 2026. 

Food delivery apps boost the user experience by making the menu visible. It enables the users to search for any food item from their preferred restaurant through simple keyword research and also lets them track their orders. 

Besides that, food delivery apps are gaining immense popularity by integrating crucial features, like push notifications, multiple payment modes, and more. Popular food delivery apps like DoorDash and GrubHub are already trending in the market. 

Having said that, if you want to grow your business at an unprecedented rate, you can consider hiring a food delivery app development company

What Is the Cost of Developing an Online Food Delivery App?

The food delivery app development cost is not definite, as it depends on the business model you pick or different factors. 

  • Food Delivery Business Models

Online food delivery apps can be divided into two categories- the aggregator model and the logistic support model. So, the food delivery app development cost may depend on the model you pick. 

  • The Aggregator Model

The first food delivery business model is the aggregator model, where both customers and restaurants come on a single platform. In this model, the customer will place an order from the options that are provided in the app.  

Afterwards, the aggregator will collect the food order and pass it to the respective restaurant, which will further deliver the order. This model is further divided into two broad categories- integrated and order & delivery model. 

  • The Logistic Support Model

The logistic support model is another online food delivery model where the business owner will handle the entire order independently. This model allows businesses to track the customer’s order. 

The logistic model provides great flexibility to business owners by letting them interact with customers directly. In simpler terms, the business owner controls everything, from launching the food delivery app to taking orders and delivering them on time. Some popular online food delivery apps using a logistic support model are UberEats and Postmates.

  • Other Cost-Affecting Factors

Following is a list of factors impacting the food delivery app development cost.  

  1. App Building Platform

The app-building platform is the first factor that might affect the cost of an online food delivery app. There are two major platforms- hybrid and native platforms. With hybrid app development, developers can deploy the app on both iOS and Android, simultaneously using frameworks like React Native and Flutter. 

In native app development, the apps are deployed on iOS and Android separately, which can cost you more than the hybrid. 

  1. App Features and Functionalities

Another cost-affecting factor that can vary the online food delivery app development cost is the number of basic or complex features & functionalities you want to integrate. 

It will be less expensive if you want basic app features for your food delivery app. However, adding complex third-party integrations is costly, but it will be worth it as it boosts the user experience. Moreover, app design is also a deciding factor in the food delivery app development cost.   

  1. App Testing

You must conduct app testing if you want your food delivery app on the targeted user’s phone for a longer time. Here, app developers identify the errors or glitches and resolve them to ensure a smoother user experience. 

That said, the more rigorous testing occurs, the more charges it will cost; however, it will be worth it as you will gain the expected profit. Also, conduct app testing constantly to keep your food delivery app in working condition. 

Concluding Words

Deciding on a budget is the most crucial aspect of any app development, despite the niche. To develop an on-demand food delivery, you should consider the cost-driving factors mentioned above and decide the app development budget accordingly.

Based on the features, models, and app platforms, the cost of taking your mobile app from ideation to reality will be around $44/hr to $99/hr. However, this cost may vary based on factors like the app development company size and your project scope.

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