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HMD Nokia Where Is IT? What Happened To Finnish Smartphone Makers?

Nokia looks to be facing some big troubles in many nations across Europe.

Philip Aladino



HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, looks to be facing some big troubles in many nations across Europe.

What happened to HMD Nokia phones?

The Finnish phone company was recently restricted from selling most of its inventory in Germany and Switzerland. All Nokia cellphones, barring the Nokia G21 and Nokia G11, are listed as out of stock on the company’s website in the two locations. However, HMD’s difficulties seem more far-reaching than that.

Nokia phones have all but disappeared from many other nations across Europe. These include significant markets like France, Spain, Italy, and even the company’s home soil Finland.

HMD Global Phones Still In Europe

In line with a reliable source, the only Nokia phones available in these regions right now is the Nokia G21. However, the likes of X20, X10, and other Nokia phones are still available in the UK.

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Nokia G21 is currently still available in Europe

While the smartphone company hasn’t mentioned anything about how long this unavailability will remain, it shared the following statement with numerous German outlets:

HMD is a defendant in a variety of lawsuits filed by VoiceAgeEVS LLC (“VAEVS”) in several jurisdictions, including Germany. We are disappointed with the end of the VoiceAge enforcement procedures in Germany in December and have registered a protest“.

Meanwhile, we have assured that none of the devices marketed and distributed in Germany enable EVS,” remarked HMD Global on the situation in Germany.

This shows that the circumstance is really deep and might not be changing anytime soon as such, prospective buyers might be out of luck attempting to purchase any Nokia phone in Europe.