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Google W/ Samsung Collaborates To Smoothen Sync Of Fitness Data Between Apps

Health Connect stands as a union hub for health and fitness data between company’s

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Google and Samsung Partnership
Google W/Samsung Partners to make fitness app sync easy | image illustration by Philip Dino (smarttechvillas)


  • Google and Samsung have joined together to make it easier for fitness data to be shared between different apps.
  • As a result of working with Samsung, Google has set up a way for developers of Android apps and devices to sync their users’ health data.
  • Developers can collect a user’s health data in an encrypted hub that is installed on their device, as long as the user has given permission.
  • According to Google, users will be able to control precisely what information they disclose and with whom they share it.
  • All Android developers may participate in Health Connect’s open beta testing.

By working together with Samsung, Google has created a framework that enables developers of Android applications and devices to sync their customers’ health data. As a result, consumers should have an easier time keeping track of their health and fitness data on many devices.

A user’s health data may be compiled by developers in an encrypted hub that is placed on the user’s device if the user has opted in. Google claims that consumers will be able to manage exactly what data they share and with whom. Sharing data across apps that gather the same sort of information, such as the number of steps walked, is an option for consumers. Health Connect can handle many different kinds of data, such as those about exercise, body size, diet, sleep, and vital signs.

Google health connect and fitness app

To fully realise the advantages and possibilities of Health Connect, we’re collaborating with Google and other partners. Samsung senior vice president TaeJong Jay Yang said in a publication release. It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Samsung Health will join the Health Connect network later this year. For app developers, this will allow them to benefit from the precise and optimised data measured on the Galaxy Watch for Samsung Health and utilise it in their applications, too.

Open beta access to Health Connect is available to all Android developers. MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness, and Withings are all participating in an early access programme with Google. Fitbit, which is owned by Google, plans to use Health Connect, so the technology should be ready for the Pixel Watch when it comes out later this year.

Because of Google’s open approach to its products, the Health Connect API is simply another example of Google’s desire to engage with other firms. When it comes to pushing consumers into its ecosystem, Google isn’t like Samsung or Apple, but with the upcoming release of the Pixel Watch and Android Tablet, it could be necessary for Google to start pulling customers towards its own goods.

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