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Google Rolls Out Chromecast 4K Android 12 Update

Given its modest price, Google’s Chromecast dongle can browse the web and stream video.

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Chromecast dongle
Google Chromecast dongle | (Smarttechvillas)


  • The only significant issue with the Chromecast 4K is that it runs on Android TV 10, which is outdated now that Google has released Android 13.
  • In addition to the Android TV OS upgrade from version 10 to 12, the Chromecast 4K’s latest update adds the following: Customizable HDR format and surround sound via extended user options; New!
  • The changelog confirms that the upgrade only includes the July 2022 security patch, which is terrible.

If you need a media player and you’re on a budget, Google Chromecast is a great option. Google’s little dongle is surprisingly powerful given its low price, including web browsing and media playback via the internet. The Chromecast’s “Backdrop” function enables users to project images such as artwork, photos, news, and even weather forecasts on their television screens.

The Price Of Google Chromecast

A number of Chromecast models have been released since 2013; the most recent one came out only last month. If you don’t have a 4K TV, the HD model of the Chromecast 4K costs just $30, making it a phenomenal bargain. Chromecast 4K, which is only $20 more expensive than the HD edition, is available for just $50 and is perfect for customers who seek the best possible media experience.

The only real problem with the Chromecast 4K is that it runs on Android TV 10, which is very out of date now that Google has introduced Android 13. In any case, that’s likely to change, as numerous Reddit users have reported that their Chromecast 4K dongles have successfully captured the awaited Android TV 12.

Chromecast update
Chromecast Android 12 update | (Smarttechvillas)

It appears to be a sizable update, clocking in at roughly 720mb. We also have the full changelog of the update, or at least the key ones, thanks to Reddit user NeFShARk. The latest update for the Chromecast 4K includes the following, in addition to the upgrade of Android TV OS from version 10 to version 12:

  • The HDR format and the surround sound are both customizable via the expanded user settings;
  • New! You can easily switch between refresh rates with the help of “Match content frame rate”;
  • Superior Protection of Individuality and Property;
  • Easily control which apps have access to your camera and microphone with the new camera and microphone privacy toggles;
  • There have been further enhancements and patches for bugs.

What’s more, the fact that the update only includes the security patch for July 2022 (as confirmed by the changelog) is, well, sad. Still, updating the Chromecast’s Android TV OS is a more involved process than simply rolling out a security patch, so here’s hoping that the dongle will get a fresh security patch sooner rather than later.

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