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Google Rolls Out 6 New Android features: Schedule text, Dark Mode on Google Maps and more

Gabriel Ojeh




In order to stay up to speed on the newest news, free browsing, movies updates, and money-making tips, join the SMARTTECHVILLAS WhatsApp and Telegram channels!. Click Here To Join Now!

Feature android updates

Google just confirmed it’s rolling out updates to six of its Android apps, starting from the TalkBack screen reader to Android Auto. The updates will add useful new features, such as  the ability to schedule text message can therefore be sent from the Message app. Google Maps will thus be receiving an update as well that it will thus add a true dark mode throughout the entire app, not just when you’re using navigation. In addition, an update to Google’s password autofill tool that will let you know if your your passwords have been leaked and again the time to change it. 

Meanwhile, bearing in mind that these rolling updates,  you may not be given right access to them right away. Nevertheless, you may need to keep checking the google Play Store for app updates. 

Before hand we will be showing you some of the new features to expect and its interface, we will also be guiding you through it use. 

1. Password Checkup to work across Android apps

Google will from now cross-check all your sign in credentials and information if they’ve been leaked or or compromised in a hack, and If in any case it finds your info, a prompt notification will pop up filling you in on the compromise as well as the time and  need to change your password. 

For users who use Google Autofill password manager, to Authenticate your usernames and passwords in Chrome or some Android apps, then this update is something you might find interesting.

The new Password Checkup feature will be rolling out to Android devices running Android 9 or later version. You can check if you’re using Google’s autofill function by going through the Settings app, then go to:

  • Next click on System 
  • locate Languages & Input 
  • then next, click on advanced and tap Autofill Service.

However, in any case that protocol didn’t bring you to the right place, noting that all Android devices is a little bit different, you can utilize the search tool in the Settings  app function to look for Autofill.

Once you have find your way to the Autofill section, you’ll want to make sure Google is selected. 

If you haven’t been using Google’s autofill feature, then you might want to start now and start saving your credentials when it prompts you. Thus, if have been using the function, then keep using it as you have been doing. The tool will let you know when it finds your information been exposed it doesn’t require any thing to trigger it. 

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2. Total Dark Mode on Google Maps

Google is  adding a true dark mode throughout the entire app. Meanwhile, prior to the latest update, Google Maps only offered a dark mode feature when using the navigation mode. It was better than nothing though, but in real sense, wasn’t ideal hence this coming updates we see that its solves that.


update on google map brings Dark Mode feature
image credit: Goggle LLC

The likes of users with the love of dark mode in Android apps, you’ll want to keep checking the Play Store for updates to Google Maps that would thus come with this feature. 

How to Turn on Google Maps Dark Mode Feature

After carrying out the update on the Google on your Android phone or tablet, you can turn the feature on all the time by navigating to Settings > Theme and then select Always in Dark Theme.

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3. Schedule a text message

After the forthcoming update to the message app, you can start to compose a message just like you have initially been doing, although instead of tapping on the send button, you will need to long press it after which menu will pop up, asking you if you want the message sent now or later. 

Schedule a text message with google message app
image credit: Google LLC

For users who are yet to make Google Messages as your default text messaging app, this might finally get you to initiate the switch. As Google is rolling out an update that adds the feature to schedule when to auto send a message. Scheduling messages is especially useful if you don’t want to bother someone at the wrong time perhaps maybe they’re in a different time zone, or you know they’re busy at work. hence, you can utilize this feature to schedule a message, canceling plans that you regret even making at first.  

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4. TalkBack is getting an easy to use interface

Google’s TalkBack accessibility feature is getting a big update to help blind or low vision users to navigate and use their Android devices. There will be newly included gestures, navigation options, spoken feedback and menus. 

TalkBack is getting an easy to use interface
Image credit: Google LLC

With the upcoming TalkBack 9.1 and up, swiping up and right launches the new voice commands, which will lead the screen reader to stop talking and listen for your instructions. There are more than 25 commands, such as “find” to locate text on the screen or “increase speech rate” to make TalkBack speak faster.

Users can also add or remove options in the TalkBack menu or reading controls and can assign or reassign gestures to different settings, navigation controls and actions. Google is also adding support for Arabic and Spanish in TalkBack’s keyboad

Additionally, Google is also adding new features to Android Auto and Google Assistant. They’re relatively minor updates, but worth taking note of. 

5. Android Auto users will be getting the ability to set custom wallpapers which can be displayed on their car’s display. Again Google is likewise going to include voice-activated video games that your passengers can play at some point of lengthy road trips. One of the video games Google mentioned was Jeopardy. Subsequently, Google is adding shortcuts to the Android Auto launch display, a good way to make it easier to check climate reports or short get entry to to contacts for messaging and calls.

6. Google Assistant is getting an enhanced updates that would usher in  the use of voice commands to interact with the digital assistant when your screen is off and the device is locked. According to Google, the cards that show information are now bigger, making it easier to read responses from across the room. To ensure the feature is working as expected turn on Lock Screen Personal Results in your Google Assistant settings page.

Meanwhile, Google adds up huge feature updates like theses every quarter or so.  There is a sample of newly added features which is to be expected in the yet to come Android 12 which you can thus check them out here. 

We would like to here your view on these forthcoming updates to google. Please leave a comment down in the comment section below.

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