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Google Publishes First Android 13 Developer Preview

Google gave Android app developers a huge present this season of love in the shape of the first developer preview of Android 13 today

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Google Publishes First Android 13 Developer Preview
Android 13 Developer preview

Google gave Android app developers a huge present this season of love in the shape of the first developer preview of Android 13 today. Android 13 is expected to be released later this year. The fact that this is simply a “first peek” at the future operating system and is meant solely for developers should not be overlooked. The first beta version of Android 13 that will be available to the general public should be available in April, with the final release of the operating system scheduled for sometime around July.

Android 13 developer preview
Android 13 release date

If we follow the timeline Google has published in its entirety, we should expect a second developer preview next month, followed by a beta in April and another in May, and then two builds with “Platform Stability” (release candidates, as other companies would call them) in June and July, respectively.

Android 13, which has a renewed emphasis on privacy and security at its heart, introduces a new system picture picker that serves as a standard and optimal method of securely sharing local and cloud-based photographs. It expands the functionality of the Android document picker—which allows you to share files without the app requiring permission to access all media on the device—to include the selection of photographs and videos as well. This should ultimately be made available to “a greater number of Android users” via Google Play updates for all devices running Android 11 or above (except Android Go).

Android 13 developer preview

Google Play updates will cover “more of Android,” as additional modules will be introduced to the update process, as previously stated.

Apps will be able to identify and connect to nearby devices through Wi-Fi in the future, without the requirement for location permission from the user. The process of adding custom tiles to Quick Settings will be expedited with the introduction of a new API as well as a new system dialogue that will allow you to add a tile from inside an app, among other improvements.

Android 13 developer preview
Android 13 Material UI

Android 13 Developer Preview

The dynamically shifting colour engine is now available for all app icons in Android 13, not just those from Google. Of course, in order for this to function, developers will need to supply their applications with icons that are compatible with this feature. These unique icons will initially be accessible only on Pixel devices, but Google has said that it will work with its device maker partners to make them available on a wider range of devices.

Android 13 also has the ability to choose a language choice for each individual app, which could be very useful for multilingual users.

Devices Compactable With Android 13 developer preview

Developers who are interested in testing this version of Android 13 may do so by flashing a system image onto any of the following Pixel devices: the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6 5G, Pixel 5A 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4a Plus, Pixel 4 XL, or Pixel 4XL Plus. TPP1.220114.001 is the build number for this release.

Android 13 developer preview


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