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Google Play To Remove 900k Apps From Store

Because of this, Google will remove 900,000 apps from Google Play,

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Google Play
Google Play Looks to cleanout 900k outdated applications from store | Image illustration by Philip Dino (Smarttechvillas)


  • Google will follow Apple’s lead and remove 900,000 applications from Google Play.
  • It’s possible that the number of apps available in the Google Play Store may drop by roughly a third as the company gets ready to eliminate outdated programmes.
  • Google Play has 869,000 applications versus Apple’s 650,000, a significant discrepancy.
  • Google Play has 900,000 out-of-date apps.
  • According to a report, Google Play Market apps that haven’t been updated in two years may be deleted from the store.

The number of applications accessible in the Google Play Store might decline by a third as Google prepares to remove obsolete apps from the store. Google and Apple are taking steps to handle programs that haven’t been updated in two years. 869,000 apps are available on Google Play, compared to Apple’s approximately 650,000 apps. According to CNET, if Google hides certain apps, customers will be unable to download them until developers fix them.

Both companies have implemented these measures to ensure the safety of their customers. Older apps can’t take advantage of new security features offered by Android and iOS updates, new APIs, or new development approaches. There may be security concerns that are not present in newer programmes.

It has also been reported that specific Google Play Store applications that have not been updated in two years may be removed from the store. In the eyes of some programmers, Apple and Google’s behaviour is unfair. Despite the fears of developers, this is the best course of action for the protection of consumers.

Google has recently implemented additional limitations for Russian users of its digital content store. Until now, developers could submit paid apps and updates to the Russian Google Play Store, but they can no longer do so. According to the company’s support website, the relevant notification was posted.

However, the Russian Google Play Store still allows users to download free Android apps. Previously purchased applications and games will also continue to operate. Google stopped accepting payments from Russian customers in March.

Using the Google payment system to purchase or sign up for a paid subscription for a paid app will cause an error. It says that developers can extend the grace period for existing subscribers after the current period ends. It is possible for developers to postpone paid subscription renewals for up to one year by utilising the Developer API. Apps that provide “essential services” should either be free or temporarily take away the option to buy a subscription.

Google says that the present scenario is constantly changing and that the company’s policy may alter as a result. On the help website, Google will inform users of all the new features.

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