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Google Play Games Is Launching On Windows 10 and 11 Next Year

You will soon be able to play android games on your Windows PC

Philip Aladino



Playing Android games on a Windows device is going to get much simpler. At the 2021 Game Awards Google has disclosed that it is developing a Play Store Games app for Windows that will be available next year.

This will enable native support for Android games, which are already playable on Google’s Chrome OS, but it makes sense for the firm to add support for Windows, which is by far the most popular desktop operating system. Importantly, Google Play Store Games were created independently, so they will work on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

That is the primary advantage over Microsoft’s newly released native Android app support, which is limited to Windows 11. It can still run Android games, but only from the Amazon Appstore, which has a considerably smaller variety.

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A workaround allows you to access all the apps on the Google Play Store, but it’s a time-consuming process that needs you to pass through a few hoops. If you want to play mobile games from your desktop or any Windows PC, Play Store Games appear to be the new best choice.

It’s also intended to be used across all of your devices, with the option to share progress across Android, ChromeOS, and now Windows.

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The representative did not go into much detail, but he did say that games will be available through a Google app designed for Windows 10 and 11, and there will be a sense of continuity. You may, for example, begin a game on your Android device and continue where you left off on your laptop or desktop PC.

As previously said, Google did not divulge much about the integration, but it did state that additional information would be released shortly. We hope that these efforts will be expanded to include additional app categories and that all Google Play games will be accessible on PC.

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