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Google Pixel Watch Is A Software Built WearOS Than Hardware Design

The Google Pixel watch when released would be a software focused wearOS device

Philip Aladino



Google Pixel watch
Google Pixel Watch is a software-defined wearOS | image illustration by Philip Dino (Smarttechvillas)


  • As soon as the fall arrives, Google is expected to unveil its new Pixel 7 smartphone.
  • This will be the first time a microchip has been used in a Google Pixel Watch.
  • The Pixel Watch will use a chip that has been on the market since 2018, according to Phonearena.
  • No information was provided in the film about the smartwatch’s technological characteristics.
  • According to Google officials, the Pixel Watch will only work with Android smartphones, and not iPhones.

The Pixel 3 was supposed to be Google’s first wristwatch, and the company had intended to debut it in 2018, but something went wrong. Consequently, the Pixel Watch is only accessible this year, and it will be released in two parts by the firm. Only the appearance and broad information regarding specifications were shown during the recent Google I/O conference. A Google Pixel 7 will be announced in the autumn, and a complete announcement will follow.

It’s possible that we’ll learn more about the specifications of the first Pixel Watch before it’s officially announced. So, for example, we’ve learned more about the smartwatch’s processor. Since Samsung and Google have a longstanding relationship, speculation has been circulating that the Exynos W920 chipset for the Pixel Watch might be a result of this relationship. However, this has not been confirmed. Remember that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic also use this chipset.

Google Wearos Watch
Google Pixel Watch | Image illustration (Smarttechvillas)

For the first time, the Google Pixel Watch will be equipped with an old-school microchip, according to Phonearena. The Pixel Watch will be equipped with a processor that has been on the market since 2018. This is the Exynos 9110, which is built using 10-nanometer technology and includes Cortex-A53 cores that are far beyond their prime. By comparison, the Exynos W920, which uses 5-nm technology and has more recent Cortex-A55 cores, seems to be a better option.

The Google Pixel Watch

Everything leads to the notion that Google didn’t depend on performance while building the Google Pixel Watch. Software is the focus of this timepiece. Even still, it is difficult to comprehend what Google has to offer in terms of software that other firms have not yet adopted.

There was no mention of the smartwatch’s technical specifications in the video. We only know that the device’s frame is manufactured from recycled stainless steel and that the straps may be changed using a unique attaching mechanism. Google Home, for example, allows users to operate their smart home equipment using voice commands and features such as attractive animations and a sleek and complex user interface.

Google Fitbit

Google purchased Fitbit for a purpose, and that reason is to use Fitbit’s monitoring technology in the Pixel Watch. The gadget will be able to track your heart rate all day long, and you’ll have access to sleep tracking and analysis tools as well.

There is obviously more to come. Officials from Google have said explicitly that the Pixel Watch won’t connect to iPhones; instead, it will only operate with Android devices.

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