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Google Employees To Return To Offices April 4

Google has instruct Employees to return back to office April 4th

Philip Aladino



According to CNBC, Google informed employees yesterday that they will be required to return to their physical offices on Monday, April 4.

This will apply to employees in the Bay Area, where Google has a main campus in Mountain View, as well as employees in other parts of the United States.

2nd June 2018 Apple Park Drone
Santa Clara County, where Google and Apple are located, has been lifting Covid-related restrictions as infection rates have decreased significantly, and the area’s indoor mask mandate ended today, allowing Google to ask workers to return.

With cases dropping and Google calling employees back to work, it’s possible that Apple will follow suit in the near future.

Google stated that it expects most employees to come into the office three days per week and work remotely the other two days.

Casey’s note included previously reported guidance such as the elimination of the mask mandate and testing mandates for fully vaccinated employees, as well as the reopening of amenities such as cafes, restaurants, massages, and shuttles. Employees who enter physical workspaces must still be fully vaccinated or have an approved accommodation.

Casey wrote that the company will “gather insights, data, and feedback along the way” as it tests new ways of working.

During March, the company intends to “assist people in adjusting to their new routines and aim to be fully functional in our hybrid working approach,” he wrote.

The benefits team is experimenting a 15-minute virtual drop-in meetings with trained counselors to help with the return.

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