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Google Contacts App Is Getting a New Google Assistant Feature

Users can enter information that Assistant can use to make calls for them based on their relationship

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Google Assistant


  • Google Contacts is receiving Google Assistant.
  • Users may now provide relationship details for Google Assistant to contact them.
  • Google Assistant can’t tell you how you’re linked to a contact based on Contacts alone.
  • Google Assistant must be informed of your relationship before adding it to your Contacts.
  • Google Contacts’ new contact card will show Google Assistant’s contact identification information.

The Google Contacts app is getting a new Google Assistant feature. This new feature will allow users to enter information that Google Assistant can use to make calls for them based on their relationships.

When you can’t reach your phone and need to make a call, having the ability to ask Google Assistant to call a contact for you can come in handy. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell Google Assistant to “call my girlfriend” and it would know who you wanted to speak with?

Although this was previously possible, it is now not possible without some preliminary work. The truth is that Google Assistant won’t be able to tell you how you’re related to one of your contacts based solely on the information in Contacts. You must first tell Google Assistant how you are related and have the Assistant add that information to your Contacts.

Google Contact

The new Google Contacts feature will include a card for contact entries that displays everything Google Assistant uses to identify a contact. This includes information such as birth date, address, name pronunciation, and more. It also has a section for the person’s relationship with you.

This way, you’ll know exactly what Assistant uses as a person’s unique identifier. You can also add additional identifiers like mom, dad, partner, and more without having to switch between Assistant settings and your contacts.

According to Esper senior editor Mishaal Rahman, the new card appears to be widely distributed. So, if you update to the latest version of the Google Contacts app, you should see a notification that Assistant information is now available in Contacts. This useful feature allows you to find and add Assistant information directly in the Contacts app, eliminating the need to constantly switch between Assistant settings and your contacts.

Having all of the information in one place should make calling via voice command easier. But calling isn’t the only thing Google Assistant can help you with. Check out all of the most important commands for the digital companion.

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