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Google Chrome OS Flex A Way To Transform Aged PCs and Macs To ChromeBook

Google Want to turn your old PCs and Mac to Chromebook with Chrome OS flex

Philip Aladino



Google Chrome OS Flex

With Chrome OS Flex, you can transform aged PCs and Macs into Chromebooks “within minutes,” according to Google, which has revealed early access to the operating system.

As a way to “simply test contemporary computing with cloud-based administration” while prolonging the lives of outdated devices, the firm is urging consumers, schools, and companies to download Chrome OS Flex.

You may use a bootable USB stick to install Chrome OS Flex on an old Mac that can’t run the latest version of macOS, and then test out what Google’s cloud-first operating system has to offer from the designated site

Google Chrome OS Flex

This is the long-awaited free upgrade you’ve been waiting for. For PCs and Macs that need to be safe, speedy, and don’t slow down with time, install Chrome OS Flex on them. This will allow you to control them from the cloud.

Due to its use of the same code base and the inclusion of the Google Assistant, the Chrome browser, and Nearby Sharing, Chrome OS Flex, according to Google, has the same look and feel as the Chrome OS provided with every Chromebook. OS Flex differs from Chrome OS on native Google devices in that it does not yet have a Google Play Store and also has various system-level constraints.

After Google purchased the startup Neverware, which developed software called CloudReady for converting outdated PCs into Chrome OS computers, Chrome OS Flex was born.

When Chrome OS Flex is ready, Google says it will automatically migrate CloudReady home, education, and corporate customers to it. Individuals may use OS Flex for free, but schools and organisations utilising CloudReady will continue to be charged a cost and subscription rate.

On the Chrome Enterprise website, you can learn more about Chrome OS Flex and download it for free. If you don’t want to install it, you may boot the OS straight from a USB stick, but keep in mind that this is early access, so there may be issues. The operating system is scheduled to be released in the next several months.

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